3 thoughts on “Commies for Obama!

  1. What we are seeing is the result of a nation of weak, gullible, mindless, sheep having the power of the vote. And to prove just how dumb the people truly are, they actually believe they still live in a free country! The people actually believe they have some voice in what happens to them, and “their” country! They can’t comprehend that in most cases, the communist-controlled labor unions, media, academia, gays, blacks, and illegals, have FAR more voice and power than the people have. Yet, it’s those same weak people who pay the tab for all the rest.

    The American voters are subsidizing their own demise.

  2. Pierre is an ignorant fool. Social Security was NEVER supposed to be a guarantee for a “Better Life” only supplemtal income. It’s just more class warfare from the EXTREME LEFT. Yes Pierre and other TAX TAKERS, Medicare and other “entitlements” are a big part of the problem of un-constitutional spending. Why don’t you folks get a job…oh yeah you support the guy who’s trashed the US economy and killed jobs and promised to take from others and give to you.

    1. While we work we are FORCED to pay into Social Security; I do not consider it an entitlement. I compare it to any other annuity.

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