Journalist and Grieving Father Calls for Mass Mexican Protests; Anonymous says ‘Wait For Us’

Gulag Bound
By: Tallulah Starr

From a mid-February article posted on Breitbart:

“We are sick and tired of you politicians… because in your struggle for power you have torn asunder the fabric of the nation.”— Javier Sicilia, Mexican Journalist

Javier Sicilia, poet and columnist for two of Mexico’s leading publications, has declared his outrage, following the murder of his son, Francisco, 24, and four close friends. Mr. Sicilia is calling for national protests. He has accused the Calderon government of being “incapable of creating the consensus that the nation needs to find unity.”

As the world seems to be embroiled with massive, localized citizen protests, the call by Sicilia sounded like a recent announcement by the online activist group named “Anonymous.”

I found Anonymous, several years ago on YouTube, protesting the Church of Scientology in Paris, London, Los Angeles, and other cities. Each call to protest came with an anonymous, computer-generated video which warned Scientology that they were the target of protest. Then, during the international protests, video was captured and uploaded to YouTube, generating viral discussion. The videos were stylish, well-produced and aspirational.  Since then, Anonymous has grown, broadened its target base and now have a variety of hashtags and presences on Twitter, changing as the “op” changes. It now appears to be driving global protests against corporations and nations.

In late February, in the midst of other international protests, a tweet came through with a simple statement warning that Mexico would be next. Interested, I clicked on the Tweet link.

February 17, 2011 letter from Anonymous Mexico

Here is the translation (with apologies for the limited powers of Google’s Translation utility):


Manifesto for Mexico Operation

We are collectivist independent individuals, no leader or political preference, here to inform the Mexican people and the world of our decision and thinking through the following declaration:

Anonymous is formed by a large group of people to get together to fight those who restrict our freedom of expression, for systems that treat us as if we were mere puppets, without the right to protest or demand anything. But they are wrong. We have said enough, we have rebelled against a system that breeding asleep and submissive, it thought that its acts would go unpunished and the truth disguised forever. This system is the same as punishing those who tell the truth intentions. And it occurred to it to reveal it or bring it to light, it was punished without hesitation.

For this sole reason, in defense of freedom of expression, on and off the Internet, we understand that traditional mainstream media, in collusion with the government underestimates the social reality of the country and the people trying to silence the voices of citizens with messages across all media, discrediting and comparing citizens to criminals, but we are not those that have led the country to ruin. We understand that the national policy of repression towards citizens violates the individual rights of people to express themselves freely and without censorship.

We reject and show our total rejection to hundreds of absent journalists, before the absolute passivity of the Federal Government, as well as the mismanagement in the fight against drug trafficking that has been translated into more than 30,000 citizens: innocent civilians, who proved ineffective in this struggle.

We call on President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to take action on the matter and allow the democratization of media, with greater openness to alternative media and critics, in which every citizen can participate without fear of being censured for expressing their ideas, strengthening initiatives that allow citizens access to the Internet, as this more than demonstrated that it is the most free press vehicle that exists, at the time being, the only way to strengthen a country, and finally, the repositioning of the right of the plebiscite.

And aware of the abuse of power by the Federal Government of the Republic of Mexico, because of manifest to the world with the current situation of a being a lawless country, torn by a social crisis with no response and lack of respect for its citizens, Anonymous will not idly stand against injustice. We believe that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a sleeping public, avoid further abuse of power that goes beyond our human rights.

We reiterate that our statements do not have a political character and will continue until something is done about it.

In conclusion, we appeal to all citizens of Mexico and the world that has a social conscience and to get involved and continue to manifest itself. Each in its own sphere, each with their level of engagement, with freedom to speak to the information and culture. So that together we can destroy the secrecy and live in full freedom to think and express.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Wait for us.

You decide.

You can follow the messages of Anonymous on Twitter at: #Anonops. Observing the chatter on Twitter, Anonymous appears to be a leaderless, global group of democracy-loving and chaos-friendly technocrats.  Is Anonymous being used or financed by Soros or others? I don’t know. Time will tell if the calls for mass protest in Mexico by the grief-stricken father and the group Anonymous are related but we’ll be watching.

Update: Today, warnings were issued to Americans traveling to a large portion of Mexico:

State Department officials report that the worst blockades are in and around Nuevo Laredo.

Officials issued a specific warning against going to Nuevo Laredo’s “Boys Town” due to violent crime there.

Also on the list is Federal Highway 2 between Ciudad Acuña and Reynosa.

Travel is restricted for American federal government employees between Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey.

The warning comes out one day after the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) confirms 177 bodies have been found in 36 narco graves in the San Fernando area.

Since our own government seems so ambivalent about the protection of its citizens stuck on the border and so close to the chaos, we hope everyone is prepared, should the people of Mexico decide to flee north from the chaos and criminality.

As Americans survey the trails along our Southern border, littered with drugs, guns, bombs, as well as raped, kidnapped, and beheaded Mexicans, We The People are just as disgusted and outraged as Señor Sicilia.


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  1. While this group of Annonymous sounds legit in wanting to make the changes happen, it still smacks of the union like socialist tactics being employed here in America.

    People need to look deeper into this and see what is truly behind the mask.

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