KeyWiki Tops Ten Million Views

Last week, our sister site KeyWiki, topped the 10,000,000 unique page views mark.

Increasingly, KeyWiki, an online encyclopedia of the covert side of US politics, is being cited in articles and on occasion, attacked by those it exposes.

With nearly 60,000 profiles of individuals and organizations, KeyWiki is creating a large “footprint” in cyberspace and rates near the top of page one in Google rankings for several thousand profiles.

Barack Obama‘s main page has received over 72,000 hits, while the page on his connections to the Communist Party USA has topped 19.000 hits.

George Soros has received a respectable 37,000 hits.

Other popular pages include those on Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s former “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, former speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, Marxist Chicago Congressman Danny Davis and socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

Hundreds of Senators, Congressmen, State Reps and City councilors are profiled on KeyWiki.

Check it out. There is an election looming. Don’t vote for a socialist by mistake.


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