Gulag Night Tonight: Soros’ at Bretton Woods for Global Central Bank Enslavement

Tonight (10pm EST) I’ll be participating a special edition of Gulag Night, hosted by Arlen Williams’ Gulag Bound. Also speaking on the program will be Jane Aitken of the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition will talk about their successes protesting the Bretton Woods conference — and what they confronted; and my friend Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of Noisy Room and a contributor to KeyWiki.

We’ll be discussing the INET and IMF double-down on Globalist Central Banking. Plus, the Marxofascist Media Moves of George Soros and Company, through his “National Conference for Media Reform” (NCMR). Terresa has put together a comprehensive article on the NCMR which took place in Boston from April 8th through the 11th which you can read through here.

In a nutshell, The NCMR is the biggest and most in-depth conference of its kind devoted to media, technology and democracy. Thousands of activists, media makers, educators, journalists, policymakers and people from across the country attended the event where they explored the future of journalism and public media, considered how technology is changing the world. They also looked at the policies and politics shaping our media and discuss strategies to build the movement for better media as conceived by George Soros and the progressive left.

Would be great to have you listen in on the call – we may be taking callers tonight – this is a breaking story which you would all do well to be clued up on. The discussion tonight will be seeking to answer the questions, “How does it all fit together? What are they scheming to do?”

Be there.

Here’s the number to call in: (310) 807-5060

You can also listen in at the BlogTalkRadio website (click here)


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