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From time to time ask readers to consider sending a donation New Zeal’s way, through the PayPal button to the right.

Please read the last few posts and ask yourself how much time and research went into them?

Ask yourself, if any other blog breaks as many in depth stories on the dark side of U.S. politics as consistently as New Zeal does?

All this is supported from my own pocket and the donations you send in.

Next week I’m off to Washington DC to speak at Cloff Kincaid’s Marxism in America conference. I’ll also be meeting people and doing research elsewhere on the East Coast.

If you’d like to make a donation, now would be a good time to do it.


Trevor L

New Zeal/KeyWiki


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3 thoughts on “Help Requested

  1. Your website is awesome Trevor. I'm not able to donate at this time but am drumming up some folks that can. Wish me luck. I'm surprised you haven't been scooped up by a news agency yet.

  2. Trevor I love your website but have developed a firm rule. I don't give to anyone who avoids the obama ineligibility issue.

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