Allen West on Healing America

Socialism breeds racism , destroys empathy and increases social tensions.

To heal the racial divide, in America, all that is needed is “liberty and justice for all”.

Florida Congressional candidate Allen West on how he would heal America.


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7 thoughts on “Allen West on Healing America

  1. I don't have money. Never have had much of it. And I haven't lived in Florida since 1977. The single donation I've given to support a politician was a small check to this man's campaign. I also called his staff and told the gentleman with whom I spoke, please, don't ever give up. We NEED this man in elective office.

    Now I'd vote for this man. I'd vote for Justice Thomas — if he ever gave up being a Justice (which I pray he won't). I might vote for Condaleeza Rice.

    Race is not the issue. Policy is. The Constitution is.

    Only wish I could send the good Col. more money for his campaign.

  2. God, I love this man!

    It disturbs me greatly that the Republicans do not back him they way they should be doing.

    I also love that the audience, at least what you can see from the clip is white.

  3. Even though the Congressman from my district is one stand up guy, I wish I could vote for Allen West !

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