Gulag Night: George Soros & the Global ‘Fuhrers” Bankster Spring – 10pm ET Today

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Monday 4/25 10pmET – Stream Live Here – Call 310-807-5060

Come let us classify and catalog the most consistently treacherous and dangerous of America’s enemies. We will expose and elucidate George Soros’ INET, the IMF, World Bank, “Federal Reserve,” and the central bank empire they serve…

What are they scheming, in their headlong pace of Spring Meetings?

…their neo-Marxist-motivating lies of egalitarianism

…and their deeply evil goals of world domination

…control of nearly every phase of our lives

…their profiteering from constant debauching of our currency

…and even their objective of our depopulation — however that may be done.

Join host, Arlen Williams an co-host, Tallulah Starr. The weathiest 1% of 1% of 1%, this Gulag Night.
We will have more news to present on the program, but see Gulag Bound’s category for critical information already released: Banksters


Video: Dick Morris Reports: The IMF Takes Over Our Economy


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1 thought on “Gulag Night: George Soros & the Global ‘Fuhrers” Bankster Spring – 10pm ET Today

  1. Obama is a traitor. There is a likelihood that he is an illegitimate usurper at the White House. That being said, I feel it is time America comes home. Once upon a time, Americans were warned by our great leaders to avoid foreign entanglements. That was sound advice then, and it is even more relevant today.

    Lets bring our boys home from every foreign military base. Lets end our participation in the United Nations, the IMF and World Bank. Lets look within, focus on our citizens, and become the New Atlantis of the millennium. We do not need, nor require, Chinese made goods. America can build its own computers, digital televisions, and Barbie Dolls.

    I for one, do not feel that the word Isolationist is a bad thing. Its appears to me that when a good idea comes along that the established elite do not like, that the power behind them mocks the idea by besmirching the messenger with names…e.g. Birther.

    Come home America. The world has gone mad again. Lets not shed our boys blood to save the rest of the world from holocausts and wars.

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