2 thoughts on “‘America Has Gone in the Wrong Direction’: George Soros is Saving America with His Time & Treasure from Our Political Debate Because It’s Making Us Not an Open Society

  1. Soros is the worst nightmare come to life right from a hollywood movie; while he claims to be saving America from herself, the fact is he has often stated America and Israel are the two last obstacles in the path for his changing of the world. He wants to have a ‘world without borders’ or a ‘open society’ transformation and has said to see himself ‘as a messiah figure’ (his words) on many an occasion.

    Time is running out for him, and America has awakened, for as one person put it in the past “We have awakened a sleeping giant, and his wrath shall be most terrible.”

    In the case with Soros, the wrath is of the Almighty, and shall soon be delivered.

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