The Real Roots of Political Islam

 Revolutions are rooted in ideas and philosophies. Where are the intellectual roots of political Islam?
From a 2001 New York times article by Robert Worth,  The deep intellectual roots of Islamic terror
But if one man deserves the title of intellectual grandfather to Osama bin Laden and his fellow terrorists, it is probably the Egyptian writer and activist Sayyid Qutb , who was executed by the Egyptian authorities in the mid-1960’s for inciting resistance to the regime.
As Fathi Yakan, one of Qutb’s disciples, wrote in the 1960’s: ”The groundwork for the French Revolution was laid by Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu; the Communist Revolution realized plans set by Marx, Engels and Lenin. . . . The same holds true for us as well.”

The West needs to realize. We are not fighting political Islam and a few diehard leftists. We are fighting a re-surgent left that is allied to and often manipulates political Islam.

 Many people are coming to understand that the far left has long infiltrated and manipulated many Christian churches.

Russia and China have large Muslim populations and border Muslim states. If Moscow and Beijing could infiltrate Christian organizations in Europe and the U.S., it is inconceivable they would have failed to co-opt the Muslim organizations in much closer proximity. For decades the communists have been infiltrating Muslim (and Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist organizations) in every country in Asia and Europe.

Afghanistan’s Taliban for instance is not just a Muslim organization. It has been characterized as a Muslim/Maoist grouping.

Political Islam is not a rival of the the communist movement – it is a partner (and often the tool) of the communist movement.


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