Revolting Images

Several hundred anarchists, Trotskyists, communists, Greens and Maori radicals yesterday protested New Zealand’s “terrorist” arrests.

Saturday was designated an International Day of Action, with protests occurring in The Netherlands, Geneva, Melbourne, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

The Netherlands-New Zealand Embassy.

Photos from UnityBlog, Indymedia and SCOOP

70 People from various groups gathered today in Federation Square, to “demonstrate in solidarity with Tuhoe and the the activist community in Aotearoa.”

Melbourne-New Zealand “indigenous anarchistSina Ana Brown-Davis addresses the crowd. The sign roughly translates to “go away pigs.”

The Auckland Demo.

Auckland-self explanatory.

Auckland-Socialist Worker Central Committee member, Joe Carolan, right foreground. Anarchist banner in background.

Auckland-Green MP Keith Locke and Socialist Worker’s Joe Carolan.

Auckland-anarchist banner.

Hamilton-Green Party MP and former? anarchist, Nandor Tanczos.


Wellington-illiterate anarchist slogan.


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6 thoughts on “Revolting Images

  1. Che is a dick, he was known for molestation and tax evasion among many other crimes. Mad max is a real hero!

  2. Wash your Mouths before naming Che you fuckers!! and we took a picture of the young boy you sent to take pictures that day Trevor.. is he your lover?
    I hope not because I will be let CYF about your activities…

  3. Fools the lot of them. Mikee – I agree. The Chinese would of been very pissed off if they saw that.

    Utter stupidity with the Mao and Che bullshit too. These people wouldn’t know what a struggle really was!

  4. “Revolting images” I take grave offence at this slander, some of those photos show great technique and skill, yes some are overexposed, badly framed etc but to include everyone in one basket just because its a broadly left event is a grave injustice to the photographers present.

  5. Well I know that the chinese who regularily protest human rights abuses in china were quite offended when these protestors turned up, claimed to be protesting human rights abuses and were wearing T shirts and carrying bags glamorising Mao, whoof course was responsible for countless human rights abuses.

    Then you have the guy int he pic above, protesting about human rights abuses and political prisoner etc. And he’s wearing a fucking Che Guvera T Shirt – someone who personally executed hundreds for their political beliefs, and ordered the deaths of thousands.

    I agree with some of the sentiments of the protestors in principle. I don’t think we need extra legislation tos ave us from so called “terror groups” and the potential for “thought crime” style legislation. But some ignorance and hypocrisy of these protestors was amazing.

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