Al Qaeda Targets France

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Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network is stepping up its recruitment of European combatants with a view to striking more targets in Europe, a leading French newspaper reported… quoting secret service documents.

Le Figaro quoted a confidential French secret service memo as saying over 100 Europeans were undergoing training in Al Qaeda camps along the Pakistani-Afghan border, compared with ‘a few isolated cases’ three years ago. 

Authorities in France were on high alert for possible plots against French targets, the newspaper reported. 

The memo said the secret service had been alerted to the presence of 14 French people in the region in 2010…

In January, a recording attributed to bin Laden threatened attacks on ‘different fronts, inside and outside of France’.

The last major terrorist attacks in France date back to 1995, when Algeria’s Armed Islamic Group carried out a spate of bombings at tourist sites and public transport hubs in Paris.

Are we living in the lull before the storm?


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1 thought on “Al Qaeda Targets France

  1. This has been long in the making. The radicals in the streets are already took over the streets praying there. Sarzoky as Interior Minister under Chirac, during the 2005 civil unrest there when shit hit the fan.

    France has had a colonial interest in North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Alergia, Chad and AQIM has already attacked or abducted French. The terrorist attacks are coming to France like they did London, Madrid, and Stockholm.

    The real question is how will France act. The people there have already got sick of multiculturalism and Sarzoky, along with Cameron and Merkel have declared it a failure I dont think there going to follow the Spanish mistake of voting the socialist Zapatero and being intimidated by Al-Qaeda which was the biggest mistake over Jose Maria Anzar.

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