I Care

Anonymous posted this comment on my recent post on the anti Anti Smacking Bill march.

Hmm, dont care about children, animals the environment, poor people…. I think im detecting a pattern in trev’s blogging.

I’m not usually bothered by insults anon, but I won’t let this comment go by.

Firstly I love kids anon-read my posts on adopting. I chose to be a parent and it was bloody hard work. My kids didn’t arrive by accident and I put my heart and soul into bringing them up as best I can.

Don’t ever come on my blog and tell me I don’t care about kids-mine or anyone elses.

I also care about animals and animal welfare-not as much as kids-but I do care.

Re the environment-I grew up in and on the Waimak and Kaiapoi rivers-I saw pollution first hand. I watched as the woollen mills, the fellmongery and the freezing works spilt their foul shit into my rivers, day in day out.

I spent most weekends of my youth in the outdoors-fishing for trout on the West Coast, salmon on the Waiau and herrings and kahawai in the Waimak-hunting rabbits, ducks and geese on the Hurunui and the Rakaia. Every morning before school I was out whitebaiting or duckshooting-walking through frozen swamps and freezing rivers, watching the sun rise through the branches of my mai mai.

Don’t tell me I don’t care about my environment.

Don’t tell me either I don’t care about the poor. I have agitated in my industry to improve the apprenticeship system so that more young people can get a shot at learning a trade. I’ve spent thousands of hours personally teaching young people trade skills and basic numeracy so that they will have more chance of earning better money.

I joined ACT because I was fucking sick of a Labour government screwing over the people it claims to help and a National Party concerned with little beyond winning power and maintaining the status quo.

I am a revolutionary. I want a society where your reward is determined by your contribution. I want to end school zoning so everyone can get the best education possible. Will it drop the house prices in Epsom and Fendalton? Tough shit.

I want low taxes so that every individual can look after themselves and not be beholden to that heartless bitch Helen Clark for a handout.

How many people die every year on Labour’s waiting lists? How many people suffer needlessly because they can’t get the treatment they need from the socialists?

I joined ACT to end that evil shit.

You can argue about my methods. You can call me stupid or misguided.

But don’t ever tell me I don’t care.


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8 thoughts on “I Care

  1. Maybe Steve, it’s Trev’s blog and he can say or do whatever he likes.

    Private property is a alien concept for you.


  2. Uummm………language Trev Mate…….I mean, I understand your passion…….but language Boyo.

    You’ve asked me to watch it before so how about the rule applying…….?

  3. Absolutely. The lewft are the ones who don’t care. Otherwise they would be looking after their own families rather than interfering with everybody elses.

  4. Absolutely!Well said Trev.
    The arrogance of the left in imagining that they have monopoly rights on what one may say,what “right thinking”consists of,be arbiters on wether one cares,or not,is staggering.
    The Gulags were full of those who fell foul of this same arrogance.

  5. Such is the arrogance of the far left.

    Only they care, their opponents on the other side of the aisle have the basest of motives assigned to them.

    Kia Kaha Trev.


  6. “the environment”

    Hmm, wonder if this person has seen how large Al Gore’s mansion is. At the same time, lectures the world on what to do with the environment.

    Sort of reminds me of the cult of bicylists having to roam around the nation while their “great leader” gets to have access to modern technology. At the same time, lectures his followers to do otherwise.

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