Uncle Trev’s 2008 Wish List

David Farrar at Kiwiblog has tagged me to do an 8 point wish list for 2008.

Here it is. Forgive the little bit of cheating to fit it all in.

1 ACT gains enough seats in the 2008 election to have the option of forming a coalition government with National-without the Maori Party or NZ Future.

2 ACT leader Rodney Hide becomes Minister of Finance and presides over huge tax cuts and a dramatic reduction in the powers of the IRD. Housing prices continue to drop but the negative effects are ameliorated by the tax cuts.

3 ACT’s Heather Roy gets a well deserved Cabinet post, preferably Health.

4 Stephen Franks gets back into Parliament on the National banner and becomes Minister of…….Education.

5 An ACT/National coalition repeals the anti smacking legislation and the Electoral Finance Act.

6 The Green Party and NZ First both fall below 5% of the vote and are eliminated from Parliament. The Greens go back to organic farming and use Winston as compost.

7 The world wakes up to China’s intentions and boycotts the Olympic Games and issues a “touch Taiwan and you’re history” ultimatum. The NZ China Free Trade Deal fails.

8 Hillary beats Barack for the US Democratic nomination and is then soundly defeated by a Republican, preferably Ron Paul.

PS The NZ Warriors to finally win the National Rugby League Grand Final.

I tag Not PC, Whaleoil, Clint Heine, Lindsay Mitchell and Stephen Franks.


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3 thoughts on “Uncle Trev’s 2008 Wish List

  1. Why not Franks for Attorney General or Justice – I see Franks and Findlayson as a formidable team in that area.

    I on’t think Ryall will give Health away easily.

    Finally I am with you 100% on No 6.

  2. I agree re Stephen and Justice pdm.

    Stephen would be great there and is sorely needed.

    However education is a total mess and is sabotaging NZ’s future.

    It’ll take someone with big ‘nads like Stephen to defeat the teachers unions and the bureaucrats.

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