Communists Working With Radical Muslims? Neverrrrrrr!

I am astounded that Glenn Beck has been taken to task by some U.S. conservatives for asserting ties between radical Islam and the far left.

To any half decent researcher of the left,  such denials border on the hilarious. Where have these people been? What planet do they live on? This is comparable to mocking Beck for asserting that the Pope is a Catholic.

David Horowitz’s  Discover the Networks has been exposing this evil alliance for  years.

Here’s a recent video taken at a  January 29 ” Chicago Rally for the People of Egypt” in my beloved Michigan Avenue.

Speakers in the above video were;

The second moderator was Awad Hamdan, AMP National Programs Director and Chicago Chapter chairman of American Muslims for Palestine.

How much proof is needed? The hard left and radical Islam both hate America and Israel – why wouldn’t they work together? They would be foolish not to.

What is foolish, is that a handful of U.S conservatives,  refuse to recognize this glaringly obvious fact.


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7 thoughts on “Communists Working With Radical Muslims? Neverrrrrrr!

  1. It amazes me how these gullible, self-absorbed, pseudo-intellectual bottom-feeders of the Left get so emotionally intoxicated by the same old juvenile chants, vapid slogans and shallow, ill-considered political theology. If the "masses" ever dared to actually sit down and reasonably discuss the differences between the principles of socialism and classical American conservatism, those with at least half a brain would recoil in horror at their own imbecility.

    There; glad I got that out of my system. Thank you, Trevor, for your invaluable service.

  2. If your agenda is a one-world communist dictatorship, you can march a long way beside those whose goal is a one-world religious theocracy, before you must part company.

  3. Trevor, thanks for putting the pieces together on this story. You're a great new-media reporter with old-school researcher skills.

  4. The image of the female schmuck donning the red/white checkered keffiyeh demonstrates the marxist logic melding with islam. She illustrates the immature child succumbing to thefinger trap. How many times have we heard children cry, "It's not fair". Their ill conceived struggle is futile and their coveting doctrine entraps them.

  5. Our MSM has been dead for years Trevor, they're complicit with the commies and the loony left. There are those of us who still appreciate VERY much what you and Glenn Beck do. Thank you for all of your support for this country.

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