Dob in A Red

Auckland Uni Workers Party supporters rallied today in support of comrades recently expelled from Victoria Uni in Wellington

Any help with identifying above comrades would be much appreciated.

A Mars Bar to anyone who can name them all.


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27 thoughts on “Dob in A Red

  1. Oh harr harr yeah make a big joke of it now but just wait in 5 years we will see these people embark on their jihad and then who will have the last laugh, so laugh on supporters of socialist dictatorships and al qaeda sympathizers, its only a matter of time.

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  4. Fuck honestly if you knew who everyone in that photo was you would go nuts, thats a pretty wide cross selection of the left right there. I’m actually suprised you cant recognise them all.

  5. Have you heard about how the Tamils Tigers are forming a cell in at Auckland Uni? Like the Palestine, GYPJA, Zapitista, Urewera 17, Anarchist connection this is a Tamil, AUSA, Workers Party, Animal Rights The tiger in Tamil Tigers aint a coincidence), Vic Uni plot to stage a new front in the war against the Sri Lankan Govt.

    I will send u some more info if your interested.

  6. Hey Trev’

    I was totally there on that protest aye, but I’m cut out of the photo, you can see my placard on the far right. My name is Dirty Flag Burning Vegan Freedom Hater.You can just call me Emma for short.

    I am pure evil I’m like 8ft tall, my eyes shoot dagers, I have AK47s insteed of arms, I spit venom.I never sleep I just wait for the revolution, lack of sleep has made me quite delirious and edgy. Pure evil mate, pure fucking evil.

    So….do I get my Mars Bar now?

  7. There is no right to privacy when you are attempting to alter the political landscape-which effects every other person.

    These guys are pretty low on the food chain, but one day they may hold positions of influence.

    There aim is a socialist dictatorship. They want to rob me of my freedom. they are trying to impoverish us all.

    Idealistic though some of them may be, unfortunately they are social vandals.

    Free people have a right to know who their opponents are.

  8. His name is Tame (notice the E) Iti.

    Get some better work stories Uncle Trev, this big brother stuff is pretty lame and so 1984

  9. lost your act on campus groupies to do your dirty work for you?

    bit orwellian isn’t it trevor?
    the old dob in a red.

  10. RED WATCH has none of these yoyos on file,however we will look into them for future reference.The look like 2009s intake of political freshmen& girls.

  11. Hi reid I agree completely about the lack of right to privacy in public, however there are some things that just arent done like me hanging out outside trev’s house or trying to identify who he hangs out with.

    This post with the title “Dob in a red” seems aimed at individuals rather than the issue.

  12. I don’t know the law in NZ but in the US you have no right to anonymity in public. If a police officer asks your name you can be arrested if you don’t reply. Due to the KKK and criminal activity wearing masks in public is illegal in many jurisdictions. By engaging in public protest you don’t have the right to keep your picture or name out of the media.

  13. The bald guy is Peter Van Helsing, Osama bin Laden is partially obscured on the right and Sid Vicious (he goes by the name Mohandas Vicious now after some time in Malaysia working as a civil engineering consultant) is holding the placard at the back, I am both the woman at the fron and the guy second from the left (it’s done with mirrors). Third from the left is a friend of somebody who was in the communist party in 1956 who’s flatmate’s cousin had a dog who was previously owned by a neighbour of a guy whose daughter took over as bus monitor after Helen Clark left school. These red vermin will stop at nothing.

    Hope this helps,

    Sam Buchanan

  14. This is really weird behaviour asking randoms (eg fascists) to help identify people on a left wing demo based on a photo you’ve taken without attribution off indymedia.

    I hope you have thought about how being profiled based on going to a demo will affect protesters.

  15. They all look like they are saving up for a trip to Hindu Kush for terror training. If not now, soon, its just a matter of time.

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