Van Jones on "Pretending" To Get Regulations

Unbelievable! Van Jones lied through his teeth about his communism.

Now here is is openly admitting that the left is “pretending” there is a need for environmental regulations.

Like any good Leninist, or his former boss Barack Obama, Van the Scam knows you have to falsify the truth to get what you want.

From The Blaze


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2 thoughts on “Van Jones on "Pretending" To Get Regulations

  1. No science at all to support their claim. They refuse to release what they've done to "correct" environmental problems so we can do the science on their scam effects.
    There is a fourth option Van "I kiss Obama's Christian/God Hating Arse" Jones. Replace the liars and thieves in Washington.

  2. It should say enough about these Idiots that NO ONE will buy their product if they tell exactly what their selling.It won't sell!And yes it has been on display long enough for anyone but an Idiot to see that it doesn't and hasn't worked anywhere. It does though provide an Orgasmic amount of Power for a very few at the top and thats the attraction.No Jesus isn't or wasn't a Communist,but Satan sure as Hell is.

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