Red Reps 3 Mark Miller – Socialist Stooge in the Wisconsin State Senate?

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Mark Miller

No State Senator bears more responsibility for the recent events in Madison, Wisconsin than Mark Miller. As Democrat minority leader, Mark Miller led a a boycott of all 14 Democrat State Senators. The group all bailed to neighboring Illinois on February 17, denying Republicans a quorum in the Wisconsin State Senate, so they could not pass Governor Scott Walker’s controversial “Budget Repair Bill”.

Even before thousands of socialists and labor unionists descended on the State Capital, Miller reportedly worked with Madison mayor Dave Ciesliewicz in an attempt to persuade the Secretary of State to delay Scott Walker’s Bill, so that Ciesliewicz could sign off on City union contracts before the Bill was passed.

I have written herehere, here, here, here, here and here on efforts by the U.S.’s largest Marxist organization  Democratic Socialists of America to fan the Wisconsin flames, into a nationwide anti- GOP movement.

D.S.A. has a policy of infiltrating and influencing state legislatures nationwide. DSAers members and sympathizers posing as Democrats,  hold key positions in several state legislatures, including in New York, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin. These covert socialist supporters are then used to put D.S.A. drafted legislation before their legislatures and agitate and lobby for its passage.

As the most powerful Democrat in the Wisconsin State Senate, Mark Miller would be an obvious target of D.S.A. attention.

Is there any evidence that this has occurred?

In 2005, Ithaca New York based D.S.A. leader Theresa Alt, wrote a review of D.S.A.’s activities in the 2004 Senate, Congress and state legislature elections, in  Democratic Left, Winter 2004/2005 edition, page 8.

Under the heading “How did our candidates do?”, Alt listed D.S.A. successes and failures in several states, including Wisconsin.

Mark Miller, then just elected to his first term in the State Senate, rated a mention.

For more than a decade D.S.A. has been a leader in promoting “single payer” (socialized) health care legislation in Congress and in state legislatures across the U.S.

In the Summer of 2005, newby State Senator Mark Miller reintroduced Coalition for Wisconsin Health‘s Wisconsin Universal Health Program legislation – a “single payer” Bill.

Coalition for Wisconsin Health also worked to help Miller recruit several new cosponsors for the bill.

Coalition for Wisconsin Health Treasurer at the time was the Rev. George Robson of Wisconsin United Methodist Federation for Social Action. Robson was also the co-chair of Madison Democratic Socialists of America.

The organization’s Vice Chair was Linda Farley, MD, a socialist and an activist with Physicians for a National Health Program – an organization founded and led by prominent Chicago D.S.A. member and “single payer” activist Dr. Quentin Young.

The “Godfather” of the “single payer” movement in the U.S., Young was also a friend, physician and political mentor to Barack Obama. Young claims too have influenced his protege in favor of “single payer” health care when Obama served in the Illinois State Senate.

Quentin Young, Barack Obama, 2003

When Mark Miller first ran for State Senate in 2004, his endorsement list included a slew of leftist unions, pressure groups and individuals, including for Dane County supervisor and D.S.A. member Leslie “Buzz” Davis.

Comrade Davis has been very active in recent events in Madison, even attempting to organize a campaign to “recall” several Republican State Senators.

Just this week, Davis organized an “Emergency Town Meeting for All Public Workers, Concerned Citizens & Retirees” for Friday March 4, to discuss “Discuss the budget crises facing our public schools, city and county”

DSAer Davis invited leftist State Rep. Gary Hebl, State Senator Mark Miller, local union leaders and members of the Stoughton School Board and Common Council to speak.

Mark Miller clearly has some ties to Democratic Socialists of America.

It is also clear that D.S.A. is using the Madison turmoil to push its own socialist, anti GOP agenda.

The question is – how much loyalty does Mark Miller owe to the D.S.A. Marxists,  and is that loyalty in any way impacting on his decision making as an elected representative of the people of Wisconsin?

Perhaps some brave reporter should put the question directly to Senator Miller. If they can find him.

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7 thoughts on “Red Reps 3 Mark Miller – Socialist Stooge in the Wisconsin State Senate?

  1. I think what is being done in Madison is a travesty.
    I support Govenor Walker. If he had been a Democrat, would all of these outstanding citizens be at the capital?
    I have no idea if Democrat leader Mark Miller is a Christian, but you will know we are Christians by our love?
    I pray this awful scene ends in peace. With people threatening our Republican Senators and Government doing nothing about it, I ask why? Why doesn't Govenor Walker ask the military to come in and help protect him and the rest of the people in the capitol?

  2. And, the Communist Obama and his Regime have orchestrated every bit of this lunacy, as they have also orchestrated the LaRaza uprisings, the Arizona Uprisings, etc. Obama is an extremist Marxist and always has been. If the Lame Stream Media had not been complicit in the cover up and in their Non-Reporting during the 2008 elections, Obama would not be POTUS now and we would not be in the middle of a Communist Revolution in the USA and the Middle East and North Africa. Obama signed pacts with Devils of the World. It only took him 2 years to put this world revolution into play. He has been putting in all the pieces for the past 2 years. That is why he sent Hillary Clinton, a fellow-communist, on her continuing foreign trips setting this up. When Obama had the Leader of the Communist Party to a 5-Star Dinner recently, that was the Final Go Ahead for the Revolutions to begin. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, in North Africa and Middle East; Arizona, Wisconsin, et. al. in the USA. For the next 2 years, things are going to get worse as Obama and his Regime willl continue to keep the USA and the world in chaos. He is thinking like FDR now. During World Wars, the people usually come together and re-elect the sitting POTUS. But, that is why we the people have to keep Sounding The Alarm and Point Out That Obama and His Regime are the one's Starting WWIII just to consolidate Power of the CPUSA, which is made up of Democrats and Rino Republicans. If the Republican Leadership were serious about Cutting Spending, for example, they would not be talking about 10 million here and 20 million there in budget cuts, they would be saying things like, "We are Defunding EPA, Department of Education, Obama Care, and many other Bureaucracies where the real Spending Takes Place and also these other agencies are the Fascistic Arm of the U.S. Government. These faceless bureaucracies have a thousand times more power than does the congress directly as they can impose fines, fees, regulations, etc. and can shut down businesses with no due process, etc. and of course, these agencies have this power through the Executive Branch of Government. We still have a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb bunch running the nation INTO The Ground and into Bankruptcy and Chaos, and the Obama Regime could not do this without the Aid of Both Parties in Congress. Yes, they are going to be on TV behaving like TV wrestlers as they talk about budget cuts, but in the end, they are all good buddies, and as soon as the TV cameras are gone, and the Dirty Deeds are done, they, like TV wrestlers, will say, "We fooled those idiot fans (Voters) once again. We have our citizens squabbling amongst one another making them believe that we are representing their interests or their pet projects, while we do what Our Lobbyists Have Bought and Paid for us to do, and of course, we have our Campaign Chests full of Money which we get Delivered Back To Us, after we Funnel Billions to the Groups Who Have Lobbied Us. A nice little Money Laundering Operation we have." And, the band plays on and one, and in the meantime, let me go top off my gas tank before the Regime runs gas up another 50 cents this week. Our so-called leaders and the MSM, including FOX, are already brainwashing us into believing that it is going to be necessary for us to pay as much as $5.00 a gallon by summer time. The Schemes, Scams, and Money Laundering goes on unabated, and you and I, the workers and taxpayers, are the one's paying for this duplicity which is being played out on TV for the Sheeple. And, we will have arguments amongst one another with Dems and Repubs arguing and debating about who represents We, the People in our government. The answer is Nobody Represents the Interests of We, the People and for that matter, Nobody in the Current Government even Represents the Sovereignty of the USA now.

    Happy Trails—Jerome

  3. Since the Union members make a lot more money than private sector, why don’t they fork over this extra cash to help cover the budget shortfall?

    Why don’t the unions take all those dues they use to support the Donks and send them off to pay down the debt?

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