Gulag Bound on Current Conflict in Venezuela

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Late Sunday night, we began to see sketchy reports from individuals that  farmers in the region of Sur del Lago, Venezuela were being attacked by Venezuelan as well  as foreign military, all directed by Hugo Chavez.

Initial and unconfirmed reports allege that fellow perpetrators are Cubans, thugs from the drug cartel FARC, and even Hezbollah, all there for the action.

This seems to be a crackdown on elements of the Venezuelan populace which opposed Hugo Chavez in the recent Venezuelan election.  The blog, Venezuelan News and Views puts it this way: “Sur del Lago people are resisting.  The legislative assembly of the state moved down there to seat, the representatives elect are stirring the pot, the regime sent a Cuban general!”

Twitter tweets which have been reporting these events have used hashtags: #SOSinternetVE, #SurdelLago, and #Venezuela.

It was reported that up to 47 farms have been taken by Marxist forces.  Is it the official Venezuelan military?  Just who if any, are assisting them?…

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3 thoughts on “Gulag Bound on Current Conflict in Venezuela

  1. Chavez, Castro and ahmadinejad are setting up Venezuela and this entire hemisphere for hell. This is not going to end well. We can act now and minimize the damage or we can wait until it's too late and everyone can suffer. I'm guessing Obama will prefer to give illegals amnesty rather then deal with this problem.

  2. A little off subject but has anyone seen the Season 4 Episode 10 of Ghost Adventures at Camp Chaffee Arkansas? It appears ghosts from the Clinton's political term there have come back to haunt the place. How ironic, this period in history is almost erased from our past. There is even some vintage film footage along with an ex-prison guard who guides Zak and the crew through the old concentration camp used to house Germans, Japanese, Vietnamese as well as the cubans sent there by President Carter. Click link below for photos and link to episode.

  3. And the GOP here in the US is capitulating — will pass the START Treaty, leaving the free world weaker than ever. Some — Lamar Alexander one of them — are capitulating on verbal promises made by Obama. PLEASE. These people will SAY anything.

    Iran will put missiles in Venezuela.

    And Russia is going to have some sort of control over half of US uranium.

    Gee. Wonder why there is a remake of the movie "Red Dawn"???

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