It’s That Time Again

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New Zeal has broken several stories that have ended up in the on Fox News, World Net Daily, Human Events, Accuracy in Media, Melanie Philips’ Spectator blog, Frontpage News, Atlas Shrugged, KiwiBlog, Not PC, Powerline and hundreds of other blogs and websites.

Frank Marshall Davis’ ties to Barack Obama, Obama’s membership of the radical New Party, Obama’s communist “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones-are now widely cited facts in the US and further afield..

They all started at New Zeal.

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3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. Thanks for your kind words Steve.

    You know I can't talk about things like that-but off the record-the CIA pays a lot better than the NZ SIS.

  2. Grandiosity and self-congratulation is what you're about Loudon…..damned if I know how you devise the latter though, nor how you can masquerade under the former.

    Actually, on the question of Pay Pal I do wonder about your funding. It would not surprise me a jot if truth revealed you're doing the bidding of any number of seriously twisted, malevolent old right-wing lunatics in the US. And getting the $-pro-quo for your efforts.

    Certainly the ceaseless Obamaphobia tirade suggests something or other isn't quite right…..

    I don't say it is the fact of course – I don't know…..maybe you'd like to tell us the guts Loudon ?

    If you're allowed to…..

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