1 thought on “Neil Explains the Constitution to Betty, Who Waves Her Hands and Smiles to Win the Argument

  1. The society our Founders established is found on the State level. State governments exercise and administer the common-law of liberty protecting our Creator derived unalienable "natural" rights.

    The 14th Amendment established an ipso-facto after-market America on the "federal" level after the Civil War to accomodate the emancipated slaves (and subsequent minority citizens).

    The "federal" government does not recognize Natural Law (common-law), God, and our unalienable rights derived therefrom.

    It is a military international law authority that enforces law (statute). The "federal" government enforces statutory "civil rights" derived from Congress (not God) confered upon the freed slaves and minorities.

    It enforces statutory "civil rights" against the States, forcing them to violate their State constitutions.

    "Federal" America was founded not by our Founding Fathers but by carpetbagger politicians.

    There is no "federal" Americanism. The 14th Amendment is responsible.

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