Pro Union Propaganda or Innocent Mistake?

Things are pretty desperate for the National Distribution Union in their long running battle with Progressive Enterprises.

They need all the support they can get.

Do they possibly have a wee sympathiser in the editorial room of the Christchurch Press?

I quote from page 1 of this morning’s paper..”On Friday about 1500 hundred workers and supporters marched in Christchurch”

Sounds reasonably impressive doesn’t it, considering it was a week day lunch time? Maybe the strikers have a lot of support after all?

Well I was at the rally in the Square and there were 200 marchers, absolute tops.

The Press, whose office was 200 metres away, exaggerated the figures by about 700%!

An understandable mistake.


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1 thought on “Pro Union Propaganda or Innocent Mistake?

  1. Its interesting to see the union trying to rally support in the form of sympathy strikes. One doubts they will have any sympathy for others effected by such factors as mixed cargoes for which they appear to have little regard.

    Unsurprising though given the marxist ideology of the union top brass….

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