Rodney on Parliamentary Mud Slinging

Rodney Hide’s take on why Parliament seems to be pre-occupied by personality politics at present.

The basic problem is that we have a government that has run out of puff and doesn’t have the parliamentary support to do much. We have the major opposition party not wanting to debate policy. So what’s left?


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4 thoughts on “Rodney on Parliamentary Mud Slinging

  1. God damn bloody computer! It froze so I didn’t realise it would post that question twice. My apologies.

    Anyway, here goes. ACT is for tougher sentences for violent crime, as am I. But, do you support this idea: For any conviction of cruelty to animals, an automatic life-time ban on owning or managing animals? I mean, if you are going to get tough on people who hurt and abuse other people, surely it makes sense to get tougher on the scum that are cruel to animals? Some of the present sentences handed down recently for quite horrific instances of animal cruelty are absolutely pathetic. What do you think?

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