Bill Randall for Congress

What thrills me most in watching US politics, is the quality of the candidates coming forward.

These people are not talking about “new programs”, saving owls or scamming more money off the Federal Government for their own district.

They’re talking about liberty, freedom, the US Constitution and the values that made America great.

They’re talking about holding government to account and returning to basic principles.

They understand the threats to their beloved Republic and they are prepared to fight.

One such man is Bill Randall, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 13th District of North Carolina.

This what Bill Randall talks about on his website;

If you go back to just prior to the 2008 Presidential election, very few Americans (regardless of their political affiliation) could have envisioned the state of affairs of our country today. But what is more astounding is the fact that despite the majority party’s radical move towards Socialism, our U.S. Representative (in the NC-13th District) is voting his party’s agenda and turning a deaf ear to the citizens who put him in office.

Our country’s legislators have already saddled future generations with a national debt that is overwhelming. And not satisfied with the damage already done, they are now looking to further destroy our free enterprise system by adding an additional tax burden …to be ushered in by Trojan Horses labeled “Cap & Trade” and “National Health Care Reform.” We cannot allow this to happen! This is why my campaign is getting into gear TODAY! We intend to get the word out to concerned citizens, and will sound the alarm about what politicians in Washington are doing (and will continue to do, if left unchecked).

I believe that my candidacy will bring a broad background of knowledge and experience to this race. I am a veteran (retired after over 27 years active duty), a former small business owner (independent insurance agent). My having served in Civil Service for the Veterans Administration (VA Pension claims adjudicator) equips me with a more knowledgeable perspective in considering veterans benefits. And my experience as a Management Consulting (generalist) to over 15,000 businesses in virtually every industry in the private sector, along with my MBA degree, makes me uniquely qualified to address issues impacting small business owners in these challenging economic times.

One of the more important aspects of my candidacy is my indepth knowledge of earth sciences (meteorology & oceanography), and my ability to challenge the deceptive agenda behind pending “Cap and Trade” legislation (and the “Climate Change” objectives of global Socialists). I have not only been a military forecaster (meteorologist), but I have also TAUGHT meteorology and oceanography concepts/curriculum in the Department of Defense basic earth science courses. My experience and knowledge gives me a unique perspective as a candidate to challenge so-called “Climate Change” as fraudulent because TRUE supporting evidence has yet to be established or proven.

Last, but not least, I am a Christian who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And to this day, I cannot understand why there are those who avoid such a confession as if it were a detestable lifestyle. Yes, there are those who use their faith as a banner of self-righteousness. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there are those who still give honor to the Lord for His marvelous working in their lives. I, for one, profess the latter.

I hope this guy gets elected and I hope you will consider donating to his campaign.

If there were 100 Bill Randall’s in the US Congress, the US would be a completely different place.

If Barack Obama has done one good thing in his term of office, it has been motivating the Bill Randall’s of the world to offer themselves for public office.


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5 thoughts on “Bill Randall for Congress

  1. In the spirit of Obama, Bill Randall is all form and no substance. He is a great speaker. But sadly, he does not have the background to be a successful US Rep. He is fiscally irresponsible (spends and contracts to spend money he does not have). He has a terrible temperment and is currently on his 4th campaign manager, 3rd treasurer (who is being investigated by state and federal law enforcement), has no volunteer system for his 7 counties and no plan for constituent services.

    Bill moved to NC in 2008 and unsuccessfully ran for NC Rep Chairman. Now this? Why doesn't he get a job, buy property, pay taxes and learn about NC!?

    Better choice: Bernie Reeves.

  2. You're right – that was the only good I could foresee from Obama being elected…that it would stir people to action.

  3. I have to remember to visit your blog more often; you do a great job. Though I live in Illinois, I'll have to look into how I can help Bill Randall. Thanks.

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