Fox News Viewers Are Misinformed Study – The Critique

The recent scam “study” claiming Fox News viewers are comparatively “misinformed” is completely discredited by this counter study.


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7 thoughts on “Fox News Viewers Are Misinformed Study – The Critique

  1. Not to mention most of the questions were geared towards making Fox look bad.

    Where were the "Bush blew up the levees" questions, or the 9/11 truther questions, or if Don't Ask Don't Tell means that gays can't serve in the military? Or if health insurance companies are making obscene profits?

    Even if this were a fair poll, don't these questions only prove that Fox News viewers are more distrustful of the government? Something Thomas Jefferson required we all be?

  2. Although I do not like raining on anyone's parade, I have to jump in here to say "Faux" News has betrayed the Patriot/Conservative base in America.

    O'Reilly, Beck and Megan Kelly have gone out of their way to lie about Obama's true birthplace Kenya.

    As a Constitutionalist I find it especially offensive for Glenn Beck to whine and moan about the Constition; and yet Beck turns his back on the most dangerous issue America has ever faced.

    We have a dangerous illegal communist muslim usurper hanging out in our White House, while the entire crew at "Faux" News ignores the subject entirely.

    This is "the" news all Conservatives and Patriots need to know about to save this country.

    We all know the rest of TV media is totally corrupt and have been for some years, but "Faux" News is no longer on our side.

    They are just as guilty of giving Obama a pass, instead of calling him out for being an illegal alien.

  3. Please read the "Creature of Jekyll Island" 5th Edition, by G. Edward Griffin.. There is alot of great history in that book about the secret society that Cecil Rhoads started and how that society has/is responsible for what going today…Council of Foreign Relations…who actually runs our government. You will be surprised and many things will begin to make alot of sense.

  4. I e-mailed the Univ. of M and let them know they should be ashamed and that it is a good thing that they expose themselves to the world at what they are really about. More and more the USA education system is being discovered to be left-wing, agenda based propaganda machines. The US taxpayers should halt state and federal funding to these idiots.

  5. Well this should provide even more viewership for Fox what with the fact that if it upsets the mental midgets of the MSM what better endosement could 'ya want.

    p.s. Hey Trevor hope all is well after the last earthquake over

  6. I love it when liberals display their own ignorance, and the sometimes rather astonishing smallness of their intellects, in the process of trying to prove how stupid someone else is.

    Their flailing, childish tantrums are going to increase in intensity over the next 2 years, and it's going to be absolutely hilarious watching them either melt down, or try to shift ground (e.g. some of the MSNBC talking heads are now calling for the release of O'Bama's long-form birth certificate — what fabulous irony).

    What amazes me is that so many of these people are so patently dense, and frequently have such a very tenuous grasp of history and economics, and yet they have the dizzying arrogance to categorize as "stupid" those who don't share their ignorance and dull wit.

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