Beck Exposes the "Big Boys"

Glenn Beck gets better and better as he digs deeper and deeper.

Beck demolishes John Kerry and Joe Lieberman’s new disguised “Cap & Trade” Bill and exposes some of the key global players who stand to benefit from it.

He even looks arch arch global socialist Maurice Strong.

Way to go Glenn!

Back this man America. Where would you be without him?


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8 thoughts on “Beck Exposes the "Big Boys"

  1. Well said Christinewjc, well said.

    Beck is no constitutional expert nor legal scholar.

    When BHO & regime found out & ousted = America wins. (when not if) … Congress and all American "leadership" needs a full house cleaning – get rid of corruption with mops, brooms and VOTES.

    The wolverines vid is too hip hop for me, guess I'm getting old… but appreciate youth might enjoy it. Check out:

    BHO is not eligible

  2. Glenn's unwillingness to address this issue seems strange and uncharacteristic; or so I used to think that way about him. He has been willing to tackle controversial subjects on his radio and T.V. shows. But this issue he adamantly chooses to avoid – at least he did avoid it until a few months ago. Now, he occasionally brings it up and scoffs at the "birthers." He claims that it feeds right into the hands of Obama and his ilk. He could be right about that! Look at how many people in the public eye fall all over themselves not to be labeled as a "birther."


    There are probably dozens of reasons. But my theory about Glenn Beck not addressing it in the affirmative might be because he thinks it's a "no win" situation at this point. He would rather go after the Crime Inc. criminals and expose them to the public so that Americans will boot out those congressmen and senators who voted for Obama's Marxist agenda. Then, Obama will be voted out in 2012.

    I predict that one day, Glenn is going to admit that he knew Obama was ineligible for POTUS. But he chose to not go there because he viewed it as a no-win scenario (at the time). I also predict that one day he will state the his mocking of the birthers was deliberate – as his way of keeping the issue in the audience's minds so that they might work harder to expose his ineligibility.

    I truly believe that this cover-up will not remain hidden forever. The truth and the Constitution will win the day in the end. It is just very hard to be patient when we see Obama and his terrible, uncontrolled spending and awful policies destroying our economy and Constitutional Republic!

    Either Obama is a usurper, or he is a liar (because his biological father was someone other than Obama Sr.). There is NO WAY the majority of Americans will re-elect this telepromptered puppet clown.

    This video will cheer you up!

    YouTube: One Term President OTP by the Wolverines

  3. Anonymous @ 11:10 pm –

    I agree that it is VERY frustrating that Glenn Beck won't touch the eligibility issue. However, after much investigation and observation, I am now agreeing with his reasons why he isn't pushing it.

    Quite a while ago, I recall Glenn Beck saying something like this about the birth certificate issue (notice – NOT the ineligibility issue) on his radio show [paraphrased here]:

    What are we going to do if Obama's BC shows he wasn't born in America? Are we going to overturn an entire election?

    It appeared to me, even way back then, that he wasn't willing to find out the hard truth about this matter.

    Also, I noticed that he didn't address the "natural born citizen" clause in the chapter on the Constitution in his "Arguing with Idiots" book. Thought that was strange. He could have at least mentioned the controversy, but chose not to do so.

    Though what I am about to write may sound unrelated, maybe it could reveal a reason why he doesn't touch the issue?

    In Glenn's book, he wrote a list of "top ten bastards" of all time on page 222. Tiger Woods is listed as #2 – with this comment: "He's got a Swedish-supermodel wife, a gazillion dollars, and he plays golf for a living…bastard!"

    When the Tiger Woods sexual-addict-womanizing scandal broke, Glenn admitted on his radio show that he and his researchers already knew about Wood's "double-life," but chose not to write it in the book.


    For fear of being sued. Could THAT be the reason why he (and others) are reluctant to speak out against Obama's citizenship questions?

    Most of the high profile radio/t.v. talk show hosts are very rich. Could it all mainly be just about money?

    Beck has also mentioned many times that he has had threats against him and his family on an ongoing basis. He has been forced to hire a tight security force for that reason. Could his reluctance to discuss this issue have a lot to do with the threats being hurled against him?

    Next, I noticed that after becoming pals with Bill O'Reilly, a lot of his (Glenn's) anxiety over Obama's administration eased…a lot.


    That's the question that I would like to have answered.

    NO ONE in public media is willing to touch this subject in it's entirety. Most use their venue to ridicule the "birthers."

    (con't next comment)

  4. Glen Beck lost a huge amount of creddibility with me when he chose to ridicule those questioning Obama's constitutional eligibility istead of investigation the very real facts surreounding the controversy. I do however hold out hope he may yet "see the light".

  5. People are waking up. I was very surprised last week when a few neighbors, not into politics, mentioned their concern. In fact, some Dims as well. This guy is a fake, fraud and phoney. It was easy to see from the beginning but people were into voting for a black guy, despite the fact he's 50% white. It was like the naked emperor. I'm concerned that we might be too late as this empty suit continues to ramp it up with the assistance of his shadow NGO's er czars.

    I heard one of my favorite senators, Inhofe, say today that cap n' tax was dead. Let's hope he's right – I don't trust those salivating money grabing cappers.

  6. When people start to see that he backs up his information with facts, maybe people will wake up and support him.

  7. Trevor, you're right. Where would we be without Glenn Beck? I am so grateful for people like you, and he, and all those out there who are exposing all those out there who are trying to bring down this great country of ours! I have been listening to Glenn for almost two years now. I know he has a big following, I just wish more Americans would wake up and see what is happening! Keep up the good work!

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