EXCLUSIVE: MARXIST DEMOCRATS PART 5: KANIELA ING for Hawaii’s First Congressional District

Kaniela Ing

Several hundred communists and socialists will run for public office on the Democratic Party ticket this year. One of them is Kaniela Ing, who is vying for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, from Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

Despite running as a Democrat, Kaniela Ing is a member of this country’s largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) – a fact not revealed in his campaign literature.

Kaniela Ing is running for Congress in 2018, HI (1).

Father, Native Hawaiian, and state legislative leader, Kaniela Saito Ing is running for Congress as a proud progressive who will ensure no one gets left behind (HI-01). Kaniela is the only candidate looking at this seat who has a record of fighting for everything we believe in–like womenʻs rights, LGBT equality, climate action, and more. With your support, he will take our island values to DC.

State Representative Kaniela Ing of Maui held a press conference November 5 2017 to officially announce his 2018 candidacy for higher office. Ing plans to run for U.S. Congress to fill the seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa.

“Standing up to Trump is important, but it’s not enough. Leaders must stand up to big-money corruption everywhere and offer a positive vision to win the world we want to see. .. I am running a grassroots campaign to put people before profits, keep Hawaiʻi Hawaiʻi, and offer a new generation of progressive leadership. I am uniquely positioned with decades ahead of me to build the seniority and influence Hawaiʻi needs.” 

Kaniela Ing DSA endorsement

District 1 has been a safe Democrat seat with at least 4 Democratic Party contenders, but the fact that Kaniela Ing, who already holds public office and can draw on the Honolulu DSA branch for doorknockers and phone bankers, works as a big advantage for him. If he looks likely to win the August 11  primary, Ing can expect money and support from more than 30,000 DSA comrades nationwide.

Like his mentor, the late Congressman Mark Takai, Kaniela Ing got his start as UH Manoa Student President, fighting tuition increases and Laura Lingle‘s budget cuts as ASUH President.

Kaniela Ing was elected to the State House in 2012, quickly rose up the ranks, and currently serves as Majority Policy Leader.

When I first ran for State House at 22 years old, I could count the folks who thought I had a chance on one hand—and half of them lived at my mom’s house. I was in a Republican district, running on a progressive platform, but I couldn’t stand by while the tea-party incumbent sold-out our islands.

So I personally knocked on 15,000 doors. I walked my neighborhood from noon to sunset, after working a full-time sunrise shift cleaning locker rooms at a nearby resort. It was an uphill battle, but people could relate to my grassroots message. So they joined the campaign. We were outspent-10-to-1, but still won by a huge 26 percent.

During my six years in the State House, I have always put people over corporate profits. We took on corporate polluters, special interest lobbyists, and even billionaires. I quickly rose up the ranks to become Majority Policy Leader, setting ‍‍ legislative priorities statewide. We expanded voting access, women’s equality, LGBTQ rights, environmental protections, gun safety, and more. Now, I’m taking this grassroots, progressive energy from Hawaii to Washington D.C.

Kaniela Ing is a crypto-communist running as a Democrat. His campaign is deceptive in nature and needs to be exposed. If he is not exposed, Ing has a good chance of winning a Congressional seat. Please help spread this information throughout Hawaii District 1 and beyond.

Watch and circulate Trevor Loudon’s shocking documentary The Enemies Within as widely as you can before November 2018. It is a vote-changing experience.


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