6 thoughts on “What Taiwan Thinks of Barack Obama

  1. I'm am irate… This is horrible. How can this be happening in our country? How did it come to this? Is it going too far to say I hate Obama and all his cronies and buddies subjecting us under their elitist rule? I hate George Soros, and all these commies masquerading as progressives. I really hate them!

  2. Along with this I wish China would not lend America anymore money. We are falling into such a trap. These foreign countries own to much of our good ole USA as it is. I wish they would all see what Taiwan sees.

    I think with everyone of the Seniors that are to get this $250.00 stimulus that they ought to send it back and refuse it. $250.00 isn't going to make us but it sure can break us.

    With the $350,000 that Michelle Obama spent going to Spain that money could have gone to the gulf of Mexico to help there.

    Would any of you like a trip to Spain on the taxpayers money????

  3. So the Taiwanese get it. When will my sister? my sons?

    And when will many understand that the Obamas aren't just interested in being Napoleonic Usurpers of Liberty, rewriting the Constitution and everything.

    We're fighting Communism. Period. And if you don't believe me, try getting in close to Bill Ayers and the Rathkes, Jeremiah Wright and Jim Wallis. You'll have to get in close, though, cause Communists tend to lie about being Communists. Alger Hiss is case in point. However did Whittaker Chambers get into his house to type up documents? Answer: Chambers didn't. Alger Hiss was lying so poorly the jury actually laughed.

  4. I thinking a growing number of American's are thinking and feeling the same way about Barack Obama.

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