Egypt lite! Socialists Organize Students in Solidarity With Wisconsin Protests

Democratic Socialists of America and its captive union AFCSME have played a major role in the spreading labor protests begun in Wisconsin.

Chris Hicks

Now a leader of D.S.A.’s even more radical youth wing is coordinating nationwide student protests in solidarity with  protesters across the country.

Chris Hicks is Coalitions Coordinator of Young Democratic Socialists and National Coordinator of the Student Labor Action Project – a joint enterprise  of the radical led United States Students Association and the D.S.A./ Communist Party USA infiltrated Jobs with Justice coalition.

S.L.A.P. partners with student organizations such as United Students Against Sweatshops, ultra radical Chicano organization MEChA, and the Student-Farmworker Alliance  to build a “strong student movement for workers’ rights and economic justice.”

S.L.A.P.  is organizing nationwide protests  in solidarity with the protesters of Wisconsin and other states.

Student Labor Action Project…is calling for a national day of action on March 2nd to defend the public sector.

Across the country students and workers are uniting in the fight against attacks to the public sector as conservative politicians push corporate agendas. Now is the time to step up and bring the student and labor movements closer together than we ever have as both are being targeted

As we fight back, what’s happening in Wisconsin has helped energize student labor solidarity nationally. Students, community, faith and unions have come under the same banner of social and economic justice and stood against the attacks on workers’ rights.

The labor protests now spreading across the U.S. are not spontaneous actions. They are being coordinated by D.S.A., the Communist Party and other radical groups.

They will push their  “revolution” as far as they are allowed to.

If State Governments don’t take a firm stand now, this will only be the beginning.


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