With You All the Way Rodney…

John Key has another big choice to make.

ACT Party leader and Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide, has theatened to resign his post should National allow three Maori Apartheid seats on the new Auckland SuperCouncil.

What’s it to be John?

Are you with the right or are you with the left?

Will you accept more Apartheid in New Zealand to appease the Maori Party and a tiny but noisy left?

Or will you stand for what is right and kick the racists into touch?

Good on you Rodney for putting your principles before position.

You could achieve a huge amount in your job-the leftie Councils are rightly terrified of you-but this issue is bigger.

Let’s see if John’s are as big as yours.


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7 thoughts on “With You All the Way Rodney…

  1. There has been a definate shift in tone towards Maori Seats. It is now becoming socially unacceptable and "racist" to oppose their existance.

    Supporters of Maori Seats always speak of Maori people "having no voice" without them.

    Those opposed to them will have to use more convincing arguements against them.

  2. I agree with most of what you have said Kawaii Gardiner.There are no 100% Maori left in NZ, there are only monetary Maori making all the noise and of course their agenda has converged with those politically and culturally whose ambitions and agendas are many.Marxism has tapped a rich vein in Maori grievance industry in NZ ,so much so that NZ is shelling out 9 billion dollars a year in money to keep the so-called Maori economy afloat.Look at the millionaire marxist Willie Jackson, taxpayers are footing the bill for this waste of space to have a t.v program.
    Whitey is just as bad in the whole pacial spoils set-up in NZ, it has bred corruption and helped to destroy the "truth ethic" that western civilization was built upon.
    Decent Maori need to deal with the problem of Maori radicals, because this is killing their culture as much as ours.NZ cannot pretend this problem is not a problem ,when we all know it is.It will bite us all in the ass in the end.
    It ultimately would be cheaper for NZ to confront the radical racism in NZ and save the country 9 billion a year in extortion, for "stability".
    Long term it has to be faced because as things stand now non-Maori in NZ are little more than tenants, Maori are the Landlords.
    This has been established through High Court rulings and Crown settlements,Ngai Tahu have land title to more than 50% of NZ landmass at present.
    NZ is quickly undergoing a Balkanization process that will have the same outcome as everywhere else that has taken this road.We are not immune to consequences just because some smart alecs running the show think they can pull the wool over everyones eyes better than other countries have done.It never works.Racism is racism, and human nature is human nature.

  3. Anonymous:

    I wouldn't put all Maori into that basket; there are a very few Maori who are as white as a bed sheet walking around with a chip on both shoulders and the worlds biggest tikki after they find out they're 1/800th Maori – they're the agitators, they're the ones who for the last 20-30 years have told Maori that they should feel sorry for themselves – and look what the result of that has been.

    The vast majority get on with life, work hard, try to the right thing – too bad the media focus on the 'white as bed sheets, giant tikki wearing' brigade who have appointed themselves as 'representatives of all Maoridom.

  4. If John Keys performance so far is anything to go by, obviously the Maori seats will be a reality.John Key is afflicted with Stockholm syndrome.I guess this is the price one pays when they have colluded against the peoples of NZ and decided in 2005 that Democracy could be postponed so as to deal with Don Brash being elected and then having the threat of civil war looming over the country as a result of the "racial spoils " system being undone.
    Both National and Labour are over a barrel on the Maori issue and probably so is most of the MSM in NZ.Maori are calling the shots and will continue to do so, it is folly to pretend otherwise.
    Democracy will remain a charade in NZ as long as we have these pretenders dancing to the tune of racists.
    Key and his ilk are jellyfish.
    Rodney Hide has proven this to all of us, and good on him for doing so.

  5. RE: Cameron

    Mate, in South Auckland Maori and Polynesians make up the majority – you're claiming to me that Maori can't get together decent candidates?

    Oh, and stop this crap about rich versus poor; I know in your socialist riddled mind that everything is a giant global conspiracy of a few elderly old white men in smoke filled rooms planning to screw over the working class – but the reality is a hell of a lot more benign than that.

  6. I don't see what the big fuss about the Maori seats is.

    Much more of an issue is the eight Auckland at large seats. Only really rich people will be able to afford to stand for them. Having seats permanently reserved for the rich is feudal like.

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