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  1. I also love her, and Michelle Bachmann and Condy Rice.
    It’s time to see the arse end of maobama and these ladies want to makke it happen, onya
    Sarah !! Keep on telling it like it is, you scare the hell outa these socialist bastards.

  2. When people say 'oh, I like the things Sarah Palin says… but I just really don't believe her': this is called being a 'sympathy troll'.

    Hence you get treated accordingly.

    Is Ms. Palin perfect? No, but people, like me, who are tired of the relentless (and continued!) nonsensical leftist bashing of GWB for his 8 years – have awoken and speak UP now – as these same people are NOW resorting to the same SMEARS and LIES all directed at Ms. Palin.

    Research the coordinated attacks by "journOlists" and oh, yeah, how about the bashing on the Couric video on Ms. Palin's VP nomination?

    Can you honestly think Sarah Palin wouldn't have been a better VP or POTUS than current idiots in the W.House?

    I will continue to speak up. Sorry you don't agree, too bad.

    She is doing a good job for now and scares the hell out of people with her honesty and appeal to regular people.

    p.s. noone is a "perfect" conservative or a "perfect" candidate.

  3. I'm reading everyone trying to bash each other, but as far as I am concerned, IF (big IF) we want to get the progressives out of power, we need to vote other, more desireable people in. I could care less wether it is Palin who helps swing things to the right, although it may not be right enough for me, or may be too right. The bottom line is we need to look at what America could get with the help of people like Palin, who is touting strong, common sense, conservative women. I believe that although I do not believe in all nor do I back Sarah Palin, her message is what I am listening to. Just as in the Brown/Coakley Mass. race, We did not get a conservative out of that race, but we got the best we could. He will do less harm to conservatism than Coakley, so I see that as a baby step in the right direction. We need to back the people we want in office, and hope they get on the ticket. If they do not, we have to be certain the back the person that leans the most in your direction and hope for the best, while continually looking toward the future. I have at times questioned why she would back a certain candidate, as she backed Fiorina over DeVore. DeVore as a Reagan conservative, and I see Fiorina as a (possibly scarey) moderate. I will still back Fiorina, as the thought of CA getting another 4 years of Jerry Brown is absurd.

    As far as I am concerned, I will take any positive, uplifting message from anyone on the right. I am also getting tired of people bashing within the same party or group, as that will possibly be the rights downfall. Remember "united we stand, divided we fall". We need to stand up, stand tall and proud for our great country and start working together to gain better control come November, We have a long road ahead of us, and anyone trying to point us in the right direction (as with Palin) is okay in my book. That doesn't mean I don't keep an eye on them.
    There are so many in government on both the right and the left that are doing great harm to this country, but I personally set my sights on the greatest threat first, thinking there will be more time to deal with other issues later. I also hope that the rest of the country starts opening their eyes to people like Chris Christy (my hero at the moment) in New Jersey, and how he is keeping his promises, and doing the hard job of getting New Jersey back on it's feet – that is what I call "no nosense, common sense conservatism". We need to slowly move in the right direction, so I want help from anyone that will move it in that direction, and will hold my criticism, unless I can say I am doing a better job than them, as we all need all the help we can get.

  4. I find it interesting that you are behaving just like a liberal would,resorting to insults. Loyalty is a scarey thing in politics, that is what got us into most of the mess we are in. So now I am not a patriot because I ask for true conservatives not phony neocons to represent me? Why are you so argumentive? It's really all or nothing at this point, either we get this country back through true grassroot patriots or we lose it to those who have loyalities to others and those loyalities are not to us the people. For me Palin is not the answer, I originally thought so but the more I see of her the more I question her, I'm not really trusting her. At this point I don't really see anyone else either except maybe Ron Paul but I don't think that he will run again. As for Palin,, yes she sure goes for those true conservatives, like Perry, and Carly Fiorina now thats what I call "real" conservatives LOL!!
    Oh yeah, I most certainly would not have complained if she did not campaign for McCain, actually it was at that point that I really started to question her motivations.
    Y0u know what, maybe you should stop putting so much time and energy into arguing with people that have the same goals, restoring the US and the Constitution, my point is take real hard looks at those running for office. We don't need to settle.

  5. Dear brave no-name anonymous,

    Neocon shmee-o-con. Liberal shliberals. So, you learned a new word this week, bully for you. Who cares? I refuse your label as do all patriots fighting to save America.

    "National crusade"…? WTF are you on about? Noone is "pro war", that is just stupid. Have you been watching too many Alex Jones vids or something?

    We all understand McCain is a RINO, but its up to Arizona now to vote him out.

    If she didn't campaign for him, the man who wanted her to be his VP, you'd criticize that, too I'm sure.

    Perhaps she felt she should be loyal to the Republican candidate for POTUS in 2008. Is loyalty bad now?

    If you are mad at anyone, be mad at Americans who were dumb enough to fall for the usurper illegal POTUS & the Democratic majority congress REGIME crap and all the CURRENT AND PAST LIES.

    Find a larger R tent.
    Noone is perfect.
    Noone is a perfect conservative. GWB wasn't a conservative at all, but I felt a helluva lot safer with him in charge at the W.House. OH YEA, THE ECONOMY WAS BETTER, TOO, DUUUUH (until DEM congress took over)

    Ms. Palin is a private citizen and her popularity keeps growing and growing. Will she run? Don't care at the moment. At least her popularity is getting people nominated and elected in Conservative / Rep races around the country.

    She is doing a great job for now… that is all that matters for now… Read up more here: http://www.conservatives4palin.com/

  6. Lisa G & Nancy,
    First off, I am not a liberal, never have been never will be. I am a person who loves the US Constitution and what it represents. Obviously you do not know what a neocon is so I will give you the definition:
    Neoconservative. Originally used to describe left-wingers who crossed the floor, neocons are on the authoritarian right, rather than the traditionally conservative libertarian right. They tend to be very pro-war and adopt the mentality of "We're better than you and we know it."
    Now guess who said the following below? Maybe some liberal?

    "Neoconservatives are less skeptical of government than other conservatives. They are less worried about reducing the size of government, less enthusiastic about tax cuts, more concerned about forging national crusades that can tap either the American public's patriotism or its desire for reform. You saw this in McCain with his campaign finance proposal and a little bit in his foreign policy.

    And with the war on terror, you saw neoconservatives emerging as a distinct tendency within conservatism, mostly on foreign policy; its hallmarks being extreme interventionism, extremely idealistic foreign policy, and emphasis on democracy building and spreading human rights and freedom and an overestimation, in my view, of how easy it is to spread democracy and liberty to spots in the world where it doesn't exist currently." Rick Lowry

    Palin joined McCain twice, she also campaigned for Rick Perry both of these guys are NOT conservatives. They are Neocons.
    I hope and pray that you and the country wake up to the charade we have, there is no two party system today, it is the same party playing good cop and bad cop. Sorry if you think I am liberal because I will not play the game anymore. Remember that they are dividing and conquering our country. Look at how you two tried to attack me immediately. Take the blinders off of your eyes. Have the so called conservatives ever repealed any programs that the left put into place? WHY NOT????? Good cop bad cop. It's all a show.
    God Bless.

  7. I love it when Liberals leave comments! Makes me lol, and it proves (yet again) just how low they will go. Go Libs! We know you can't help it. You are brainwashed. xox

  8. I suppose you're the "real deal" last anonymous who is too scared to actually use your own name…

    The marxists called, they want their talking points back…

    so please go back to reading HuffPo

    buh bye now
    you betcha

  9. Sarah Palin = NEOCON. (Look up the word). She is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She is not the real deal. Just ask John McCain whom she supports and Rick Perry. Open up your eyes, don't be fooled again. I was fooled and I feel like an idiot for falling for her lies. I also wasted money on her book, but I will not be fooled again.

    1. And Barry, oops, I mean Barack Insane Obama isn’t a liar? People put this hating America, socialist, respecter of the muslim brotherhood into office and are still dumb enough to vote for him again? These idiots should be ashamed to call themselves Americans! They think he’s doing a good job, they must be on drugs!

  10. Ah Canterbury Atheists, now that we have your GPS coords, I guess we are going to have to have play…….. I love to play, don't you? Of course you do…..we will have fun…..


  11. Boy oh boy doesn’t anyone in The Republican Party have a dictionary or a least a high-school education? Or do all right-wing Americans spell phonetically as part of their constant-tutional (sic) rights?

    How else could you explain “I am an angry tax bled Hockey-Mum’ appearing in a political advert for someone who is a Presidential aspirant?

    WTF is Tax Bled?

    Trevor, please continue providing more You-Tubes of right-wing American rallies with lots of ‘good ol boys and gals’ and their unique brand of pigeon-English. Tea Party placards are hard to beat for ignorant folly.

    Kindly keep em’ coming!



    PS: It might be just me – but has Palin had a boob-job?

  12. I think journolista's are going to be sorry. Very sorry! And yes. I do love this woman! Now that the truth about the journolista's has come out, I hope she will get the positive, and honest, attention she so deserves from so many more people. Go Sarah!

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