Dr. David Janda explains Rationing in Health Care Bill

In the Oct. 13, 2010 video which is now going viral, Dr. David Janda quickly and succinctly explains in language all those on the left and right can understand, exactly what is wrong with the Stimulus Bill and the Healthcare Bill. It’s only 6 minutes – watch it, get up to speed with the facts of the issue, and then tell your friends in time for voting on Nov 2.

David says, “We’re going to lose 46% of physicians, including me. I cannot walk into a room Jan. 1st 2013 and lie to the very people I’ve been helping for the last 30 years. I won’t do it.”


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5 thoughts on “Dr. David Janda explains Rationing in Health Care Bill

  1. Been reading a book, Prosperity's Predator, talks about this type of stuff and lots more, and why it happans. This is just one thing out of hundreds.

  2. Dr. Janda mentions his colleague Dr. Rob Steele, who's running against the UAW puppet John Dingell. It's a tough battle against that union machine.

    1. Make Bush tax cuts permanent.

    2. Repeal Obamacare. Then deregulate consumption of healthcare and free up the healthcare & insurance markets.

    3. Repeal Cap & Trade. Disband the EPA or at the very least, get it on a leash and stop it from imposing Cap & Trade by exec order.

    4. Limit the size of gov't to not more than 10% of GDP (ditto state & local)

    5. Find a way to raise the bar on all new legislation. We're paying 636 people to make laws and guess what? They keep making new laws, which erode our freedom and liberty. STOP! Maybe the job of legislator should become part-time. Like 3 months/year.

  3. And after it is repealed and Obama is voted out…him and every other "progressive" traitor to America and our Constitution need to be tried and executed. Just about every thing they do is treasonous. Time to start calling it what it is.

  4. He stated the truth but some people who are good people just do not seem to get it. I do not know why and I worry for them. We must choose the right people to lead our country out of this social/commie/one world government and if we do not succeed there will be no turning back, America will be gone and so will your freedom to do or say anything.

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