Chris Ross – "Freedom"

Very much worth repeating. Available on itunes ( i have no financial interest in this) Enjoy.


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5 thoughts on “Chris Ross – "Freedom"

  1. Cantebury, Thank you for tipping your hat as a modern day progressive. Let me guess you also believe in population reductions via Eugenics too right? So A Republic is exactly what I said it is in the post before which is a Gov't in which the people elect people to represent them to do thnigs like read the bills and laws being proposed. In our republic there are supposed to be 3 separate brnaches of Gov't all policing each other so that they cant get out of control. What has happened over the last say 100 years with Progressive usurpers like Wilson all the way Through George Bush and now Obama is that the executive branch has increasingly took hold of too much power ie Patriot Act and now this big Healthcare grab. Through Cloward and Piven strategies these progressives have been trying to collapse the system for years. Except for one thing: We are awake now and are not going to let it happen. a Palimanetary Democracy is nothing but Socialism light in my view because Executive and Legislative are intertwined. Why is UK starting to try to mvoe away from their healthcare system now? Not too mention isn't the UK still bowing to a Queen? People like Trevor get it because he knows as Reagan said if America loses her freedom the rest of the world will certainly follow suit as well. Sorry you don't like America. I still happen to love my country and am very hopeful that we the people are going to turn this around. Sorry I hurt your progressive feelings because I mentioned God. Does May mother earth bless you sound more affable to you? Take care

  2. Okay boys and girls, we're going to learn a new word today.

    The word is: oppressive
    1 : unreasonably burdensome or severe
    2 : tyrannical
    3 : overwhelming or depressing to the spirit or senses
    [Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.]

    Now, who can use that in a sentence?

    Little girl: Oh, I can! Like an oppressive tax system like my dad always says?

    Yes, very good!
    Oppressive mean you want to control and run people's lives – tell them how much of the money they earn that they can keep. Telling them what kind of car they can drive, what they can eat and where they can live.

    The other word that sounds like Oppressive is Progressive – which is mostly the same thing except the fallacy is that it's all in the name of ..

    Little boy(interrupting): The Children??

    No, that is all in the name of Progress, and who can be against progress?

    Little girl: well if it means the same thing as Oppression, then that's not progress, is it teacher?

    No, it is not.

  3. Tell me Chris “exactly what is a republic?”

    You seem to be busy making ad hominem attacks on my lack in belief in your anointed God 'Yahweh' to see what I am pointing out to you.

    To my mind if you genuinely wanted to propagate the cause of freedom the best vehicle is via parliamentary democracy.

    By the way I have visited the U.S on several occasions (CA, UT, WA, IL, OH, NJ, NY, TX etc) and with the exception of UT and WA loathed the place.

    The populous is so insular it’s painful. Turn on any radio and all you get is ghastly country or rap.

    As I keep pointing-out to Trevor 90% of Americans couldn’t place New Zealand on a map.

    May Zeus, Mithras, Krishna also bless you also mate.

    All the best,


  4. Ya Paul Iran is such a free Republic with lots of Freedom. You should go live there!!!
    God Bless!! Not surprised you're an athiest, By the way the word democracy is never mentioned in the song. I am well aware that we at least used to be a republic. Giving the voice back to the people means taking control over who we elect to watch over our republic and not letting them make us a socialistic Tyranny


  5. I am totally confused here Trevor, this corny guy is an American who’s singing about “giving the voice back to the people” democracy and freedom – when he lives in a republic with a strong vein of plutocracy? In regard to the later only the rich can afford a shot at politics in the so-called land-of-the-free.

    Is Chris calling for a complete overhaul of The Constitution?

    If he wants the same form of democratic freedoms that say N.Z and U.K enjoy, then this is available – but it means emigrating.

    Republicism and democracy are two different beasts.

    Am I missing something here?



    PS: Republics around the globe include Iran, Congo, Zimbabwe, Uganda and oh yeah North Korea!

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