Why I Profile Socialists

Commenting on my post on George Rosenberg, Steve Nice Guy Northland challenged me.

Oh Trev,

What a duffer you are !

Your extremely pregnant mention of 70’s Wellingtonians George Rosenberg, Shirley Smith, Sutch (I’m surprised you didn’t drag in Bungay who defended the man), Amanda Russell, the Rogers Cruickshank and Steele – all of them known to me though Prof Barton of VUW Law School only formally – what a wonderful stroll down memory lane you occasioned for me !

And if I’m meant to get a hint of commie conspiracy from your picture, ‘fraid I can’t. To a person those you mention were honest, caring, sensitive, good people – highly intelligent, witty, articulate, principled, and importantly, unafraid (in stark contrast to some of the tin-soldier chickenhawks who post on this blog).

So George has gone corporate has he ? Well good on him. Making millions is he ? Again, good on him. Good on him too for giving the ultimate rebuttal to all your commie nonsense.

I guess it’s sort of exciting to postulate darkly as you do that George is a high-flying international construction law legal man while remaining a commie sleeper. Well OK, but mightn’t it just be proof that all your prognostications are just a bit juvenile and flighty ? I reckon 98% would see it that way.

Sorry Trev, you’re always gonna get caught out when you trot out your commie conspiracy nonsense to people who have personal experience of the people you accuse.

You do need to rid yourself of this sometimes dishonestly manifested obssessiveness about commies Trev. It causes you to advance a rather questionable gloss on simple little old things.

My Reply

Thanks Steve.

I profile people to illustrate covert influence and to demonstrate patterns of political behaviour.

I’m sure George, Amanda, the Roger’s etc were just as lovely as you say.

That’s not the point.

These people tried to abolish our Official Secrets Act and discredit and destroy the Security Intelligence Service.

Had they succeeded, this country would be less free and certainly less secure than it is today.

I take my freedom and my family’s security very seriously and have no qualms about “calling” anybody who threatens that-no matter how “nice” or idealistic they may be.

They also defended an obvious traitor to this country-a man who thought it acceptable to pass information on his friends and colleagues to the KGB.

I’m sure William Ball Sutch was lovely man too, but what he did was beneath contempt.

I believe, that those who defended such an obviously guilty traitor, should be held accountable for their actions.

I place these profiles on record, so that readers have more information to judge those who attempt to change our society.

To give a real example. In a series of 1 2 3 4 5 posts I exposed Green MP, Sue Bradford’s lifelong and ongoing commitment to revolutionary socialism.

Bradford, with her anti-Smacking Bill stands to do huge damage to family life in this country. Her proposed legislation, if passed, will over time, seriously lower the quality of life for all New Zealanders-especially children.

As a father of two adopted children, I think that is very serious stuff.

Many give Bradford the benefit of the doubt, because she comes across as ‘nice” and caring person-and no doubt she is.

When you learn however that she is a hard core Marxist, who wants to turn New Zealand into a socialist country, things look a little differently.

I don’t expose socialists to make friends or be popular-anti-communism in 2007 NZ is hardly going to get me on the New years Honours list.

I do it, because, through circumstance and choice, I possess a little knowledge that others might benefit by.

People may read it or not, but at least they now have the option.

The day the MSM does the job, is the day that I will pursue something else.

Don’t hold your breath Steve.


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16 thoughts on “Why I Profile Socialists

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    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
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    You must proceed your writing. I am confident, you have a great readers’ base already!

  3. I for one appreciate your work Trev, keep it up!.

    I wouln’t bother trying to engage with the likes of ‘nice guy steve’. His kind cannot be engaged with.

    I’ve heard from somewhere that trying to have a conversation with a communist is like trying to play chess with a man who jumps up every five minutes and accuses you of sleeping with his wife.


  4. Steve-fair question-will get back to you on that shortly.

    Huhana-I believe MAH either stands for Marxists Are Horrible, or Maoris Always Happy. It could even possibly be the reverse of your intials

    (H)uhana (A)poplexia (M)urray

    Kia Kaha!

  5. Kia ora Mah,
    Can I ask you a question? Does MAH stand for Mad As a Hatter? Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad (Oh my goodness X 13?) And ….. how come you haven’t set up your blog? Do you need some help?

    Trev, it is not the “anti-smacking” bill it is the repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act. Hello? (Whakarongo mai!)

    Ka kite ano


  6. Fair enough Trev.

    I am drawn to your site though. Maybe the guts is that subliminally I’m but a touchy, truculent, still resistent, Red in Recovery. Refusing to take the cure so to speak. Well, I dunno……. must have been that trip to China 30 years ago.

    But jest aside Trev, I’ve read sufficient of your responses to fathom something out of it. Superfluous to say……..lalalalala don’t agree. Hey, that reminds me of “sad!” – 12 times. Blow me down – can you believe that ? Sadly, no, I cannot. I reach for the Prozac as we speak !)

    Jest aside again, I say sincerely that having fathomed something out of what you say and how you say it, I proffer you your due for principles held dearly. So that’s sweet as far as I feel. ‘Cos mine are dear to me.

    Trev, will you allow me one final question ? From your post – “The more accurately we know our past, the better we can understand the present……….”

    Apply that formula equally to Maori issues ?


  7. Thanks ’76 and n.

    Steve-where do I start?


    I work to a certain rule.

    If I tell a lie about someone and they get upset-I’ve got a problem.

    If I tell the truth about someone and they get upset, they,ve got a problem.

    I write what I write to tell the truth as I see it-to set the record straight.

    The more accurately we know our past, the better we can understand the present and the better we can shape the future.

    This Blog isn’t designed for mass appeal. It is designed for the few who are interested in liberty and that which threatens it.

    Clearly, it is not to your taste Steve-so why are you such an avid reader?

  8. “I do it, because, through circumstance and choice, I possess a little knowledge that others might benefit by.”

    I know I appreciate it.

    Cheers Trevor.

  9. So let me get this straight “steve”, you don’t think the leader of Hezbollah shouting “Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!” to a crowd of brainwashed Muslims to follow Hezbollah and who were trained to provoke the Lebanese civil war and bringing Israel into the mix?

    You must live a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad life if you don’t believe someone like the Hezbollah leader shouting those comments isn’t dangerous or Putin’s recent comments about America but see President Bush and the Right to be the “greatest source” of all evil.

    Say “steve” Putin and Cindy Sheehan agree with you about GITMO. Never mind there are no protests against Putin’s war in Chechnya or how journalists end up dead because of their views on the war. Your kind are typical of supporting tyrants and totalitarian movements.

  10. A good, allowably subjective exposition of why you do what you do Trev.

    It gets me no closer to untangling your patent double standards however.

    For example, “democracy”: fine in the US (excluding that virago Pelosi), a standard in fact – anathema elsewhere, particularly when its beneficiaries join the hundreds of millions world wide expressing fears about a murderous US administration and where Chickenhawk/Haliburton may take us.

    A further example: Rosenberg, a socialist of old you say. Be warned, he hasn’t changed his spots ! Brash ? A socialist of old ? Well, yes, and from his own mouth too. Where’s your scary “profile” of him Trev ? Oh, Brash has moved away from that you say – according to your own report so seemingly has Rosenberg. So where’s the darkness ?

    Yet more examples: apartheid, the Vietnam War, the Tour, Bastion Point, US interference in sovereign nations, to identify but a few – all of them historical wrongs of gross order, opposition to which history has long since vindicated. But no, not according to you. Those campaigns were sullied by commies like Nga Tamatoa and some essentially powerless unionists (forgive my hooting laughter especially as to Nga Tamatoa). Campaigns which in your book are thus definitionally non-legitimate and outrageous. Be better for humanity that Mandela remain imprisoned on Robbins Island and the nazis like Verwoed et al remain in power would it ?

    Then there’s this problem: in your effective endorsement of the demonstrable cruelties I mention you’re a honey pot to a bee. You attract around you racist nutters the likes of Anonymous above with his “maori-lover” comment. Even saw one recently complaining about the “fecundity” of Maori. Now ain’t that unbridled naziism ?

    And poor old Mah whose blithe prescriptions from the lounge room would effect wholesale murder against the “less human” millions of the world. Unhinged stuff really given common, modern day standards.

    So Trev, in your libertarian fight against totalitarianism you’d be well advised to applaud the resilience of the human spirit rather than downing it. Cruelty, injustice, international avarice and the denial of the most basic human rights are all essentially totalitarian and will always be resisted by victims, thank goodness ! Too facile, intellectually blinkered, even dishonest, to dismiss such resistance as commie inspired; ipso facto beyond the pale.

    Strange that unwittingly (and it is only that I trust) you give succour to forces reflecting the antithesis of your libertarianism.

    It’s gotta be a matter of this Trev – step away from facile, petty, anachronistic commie calling and vocally dissent racists, fascists and armchair-generals too thick or twisted to entertain a sense of human decency. It’s that or be happy with your 2% and falling.

    Resort to three decades-old copy from The Dominion re some of Wellington’s more colourful 70s figures doesn’t make significant impact – not in 2007. Especially since George at least probably flies first or business now, by courtesy, get this, of some pretty hard-out international capitalists. Why doesn’t George frighten them as he does you I wonder ?

    What’s it all about Trev ?

  11. Yes Trevor, before your blog turned up I thought Minto was solely concerned with apartheid, and outfits like the ALF were only concerned about the chickens, and Greenpeace were all about the environment, drift net fishing and whaling.

    Nope. Just a bunch of the extreme left behind it all. And the donation I made to Greenpeace for the last 15 years is about to end – what a shame, I thought I was doing the right thing…

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