In the last couple of days New Zeal ticked over 1,250,000 hits.

New Zeal’s Technorati rating is 610, which makes it the 1097th blog on the planet as far as links go.

The main page of sister site KeyWiki just ticked over 100,000 – the Barack Obama page alone, has had over 20, 000 hits.

Hundreds of KeyWiki pages now come up one page one if you Google search the name.

Try Googling Congressmen Danny K. Davis, Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Jerry Nadler, Jim McDermott, Bob Filner, or Jan Schakowsky to see what I mean.

Just a wee reminder. Both New Zeal and KeyWiki have PayPal buttons for those who would like to support the cause in a material way.

Its your help that keeps our sites shining the light into dark and forbidden places.

Thank you readers.

Trevor Loudon


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4 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Thank you – I've been a fan long before Glenn Beck knew of you.

    I contributed what little I can – I'm making 1/2 the salary that I used to make!

  2. Amen, T. Paine. You said it.

    Cause the Revolutionaries do NOT like the Light.

    Blessings! And hope the financial support continues.

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