They Lie So Casually

This little snippet on Indymedia caught my eye.

It was posted by Scott Hamilton and advertises a party to be held in Auckland on Saturday to raise funds for the campaign against the Suppression of Terrorism Act.

While I am no friend of Labour’s TSA, this campaign is an extension of the leftist support effort for those recently accused of undergoing terrorist training in the Ureweras.

Next Saturday’s speakers will include Justin Taua, a long-time activist in the National Distribution Union and Maori rights movement. Justin, whose whakapapa includes many members of the Parihaka movement, has often been a critic of police treatment of Maori. He was heavily involved in the fight for justice for Stephen Wallace, the young man shot in the back by a Taranaki cop in 2000…

David Bedggood and Scott himself will also be performing.

A few points here;

Scott is about 12.5% of the Communist Workers Group, a Trotskyist organisation run by Aucland academics David and Janet Beddgood.

Justin Taua is also about 12.5% of the Communist Workers Group. He is also connected to the Kahui family-who’s twin baby boys were brutally murdered some time ago. Their father, Chris Kahui is currently out on bail awaiting trial for their murder. Justin Taua wrote a piece, blaming capitalism for the twin’s killing.

Stephen Wallace, to the best of my knowledge, was shot while ADVANCING on a policeman, while swinging a golf club.

What’s the saying-“he is so respectful of the truth, he uses it only sparingly“.


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5 thoughts on “They Lie So Casually

  1. Anon, if the coroners report stated that the exit wound (these are always larger than the entry wound) was on the back. Then how the hell was he shot from behind unless it was with a magical pistol of some description?

  2. Anon 3, Anon 2 has given a good summary of the police version of events. I didn’t think there were any witnesses beyond constable Abbott.

    If he Mr Wallace was shot in the back, don’t you think someone-coroner, rellies etc would have noticed?

    I accept the official version-he was shot while advancing in a threatening manner.

  3. thats not the account the witnesses who saw it had.

    where did u get the account above from?

    please support that story.

  4. Stephen Wallace was not (not) shot in the back.
    He had been smashing shop windows with a golf club and had vandalised an unmanned police station.

    The policeman who fired the shot was recalled to duty and he and another policeman armed themselves from weapons at the vandalised station. They must have thought the vandal by then was armed with a firearm from the police station.

    Wallace with the golf club attacked a patrol car containing at least one woman officer.

    When he was stopped he advanced on the armed policeman with the golf club. The policeman says Wallace ignored a warning.

    Perhaps Wallace, obviously highly disturbed at the time, thought the policeman was bluffing. If NZ police were always armed, there might be fewer shootings of unarmed civilians. They would know there was always a chance of being shot and would act accordingly.

  5. I may be wrong but I thought stephen wallace was shot in the back?

    second, regardless of personal politics the TSA and its recent amendments are some of the biggest attacks on our personal freedom that any political party has passed.

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