Must View – Interview With Former NYC Police Intelligence Officer Jim Wilson

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival interviews former New York City police intelligence officer Jim Wilson.

Jim, who I met on my recent visit to New York, worked against communist and terrorist groups, including remnants of the Weather Underground for more than 20 years.

Jim has some very interesting stories about the Weathermen, Puerto Rican terrorists, the May19 Communist Organization and other groups.

Listen to Jim’s story about the role of Aryeh Neier (now head of George SorosOpen Society Institute) and his role in the destruction of the New York City Police Department’s intelligence files.

He also tells an interesting tale of how he first became aware of Barack Obama.

Jim heavily criticizes the radicals of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and calls for the re-establishment of Congressional Committees charged with investigating subversive groups.

As Jim says;

“you’ll wind up investigating a lot of Congressmen”.


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2 thoughts on “Must View – Interview With Former NYC Police Intelligence Officer Jim Wilson

  1. Read Radical Son by David Horowitz… he goes into the activities of these 60s radicals (many who are now professors teaching our kids)

  2. "commies lie and people die",sounds familiar,oh well.If Barack Obama is ever on trial for being a subversive communist this site of Trevor Loudons will be enough evidence for a conviction.Well that and just plain ole common sense.One thing predictable about communism though is that it has caused much death,either in wars fighting its spread or to those under its rule where it has become established.Enrages me that its so hard to understand this.

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