4 thoughts on “Neil and the Lovely, But Not Overly Bright Betty, Discuss Government Unions and Compulsory Education.

  1. Dr. Duncan,

    You are not wrong, but do we pay hundreds of billions just to baby sit? Trevor hit my point. Education is not seen as valuable, when people have to pay for something, they take it seriously. Too many do not value education, yet we build schools and hire teachers, for what, to keep them off the streets? Compulsory education makes it impossible to have rules and high standards in too many schools. Finally I know we could solve much of this with the web, do we really need buildings books and teachers and buses to take them back and forth? I'm just trying to think out of the box?

  2. Partial solution to that Duncan.

    Make parents legally liable and civilly responsible for the actions of their minor children.

    Also when education is no longer compulsory, it will once more come to be seen as a sought after privilege rather than one more government imposed imposition.

  3. There is only one semi-large problem that comes to mind with making schools voluntary: they also serve as part-time restriction devices on the freedom of action and movement of children who might otherwise create widespread mischief, vandalism, theft, etc., etc. Remember the pre-Victorian views of children who were not subject to mandatory attendance in school? Oliver Twist was a popular fictional account of such youthful pastimes.

    Imagine, if you will, the urban landscapes without the school requirement, as problems with vacating formal education for street "ed" are not mere racist rants in poorer neighbourhoods.

    It isn't as though a federalised DoE has done anything but lower the literacy rate in the USA – perhaps that was their mission?

    \s\ Duncan Druhl

  4. Organized labor (unions) IS communism – "workers of the world – unite"; DICTATORSHIP of the proletariet"; etc. (the key word here is DICTATORSHIP).

    Collective bargaining is a violation of anti-trust laws. The Labor Relations Act provided an exemption for anti-trust law violations.

    Only the BOSS should decide if his employees deserve a raise in pay, and if he can afford to give it to them.

    Public "sevants" pay raises should go up for a referendum so the taxpayers decide the issue.

    Public sector unions are an organized crime shakedown, extortion, and recketeering, exploiting the taxpayer base. This is modern day Tammany Hall Society corruption.

    Even FDR, the guy who established the North American colony of the Soviet Union felt that there should be no public unions.

    We are seeing a taxpayer revolt of Tea Party proportions. The conflict in Wisconsin is mnot about busting unions, it is about dismantling communism.

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