Hierarchy is a much disrespected concept in this PC world. Yet ethical hierarchy is the natural order of things, the bedrock of human interaction and should be glorified.

Tracey at Resilianz has just posted an excellent piece entitled “Hierarchical respect”.

To Tracey, respect runs both ways on the hierarchical ladder, rather than up only, as many of us have been led to believe.

Tracey points to the high pressure world of professional cookery, to illustrate how hierarchy promotes respect in both directions.

No-one can deny the success many chefs enjoy, and the tremendous job satisfaction most of them appear to have on a daily basis. Yet it is one of the most un-PC jobs around these days. The scenes we see from movies of the screaming head chef, the apprentice working 14 hours days without a break – they are not fake, that is the chef world. Most other professions would never tolerate this behavior or work conditions yet these guys do and with it comes respect – for themselves, for their peers, superiors and underlings.

Golly gosh – how in today’s PC environment does that happen? Respect and admiration in a hierarchical system – no affirmative action, no strikes for better pay or working conditions (actually I have never heard of a chef going on strike). Could the culinary world actually be onto something? The Politically Correct automatons wouldn’t want you to think so.

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5 thoughts on “Hierarchy=Respect

  1. What a load of bullocks that most jobs are not conducive to respect.

    Definition of respect: esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability.

    It is the dumming down/removing of the hierarchical structure that doesn't allow for individuals to to move up and down that ladder which in turn means they don't get the respect/recognition they deserve. Or conversely the kick up the bum they may need. Sales jobs are another great example of the hierarchical structure – you are measured on your results and there is a very defined hierarchy from the top seller to the worst – and respect is given there as well (that is from personal experience too)

  2. Problem is Trev is that most jobs wouldn't be conducive to that. i.e. a sweat shop job like somthing from Jakarta where the workers get treated like crap is not something I would like to see here to be honest.

    Some jobs like the Army, cookery etc is fine as it is part of the culture and is about RESPECT. Too many jobs aren't about respect so you would first need respect and pride in a lot of jobs to do as you allure to.

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