‘Ted Cruz is a Globalist!!!’ – yeah and I’m the tooth fairy

Ted CruzOccasionally I get criticism for my support of Senator Ted Cruz. Why would you back Cruz they say… he’s a “globalist”… he wants to destroy US sovereignty.

There are legitimate grounds to criticize the Senator from Texas (none of us are perfect), but “globalism” is not one of them.

Here is then plain old Mr. Cruz from 2012 explaining the perils of Agenda 21 and detailing some of his battles to protect US sovereignty.

Here he is again calling out the the true “globalists” of the Council on Foreign Relations for what they are… a pit of vipers. Yes, I know that Heidi Cruz was a member for a time… but then so have been many patriotic Americans such as late Washington Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave. The CFR is certainly an insidious organization at heart, but most members are good folks who join to meet influential people, out of curiosity, vanity, to learn about policy, or to advance their careers. I’m more concerned that Heidi Cruz is reportedly a VEGETARIAN, than the fact she was once a CFR member.

During her tenure with the CFR, Heidi Cruz has been criticized for her work on CFR projects promoting the anti-sovereignty North American Union. Heidi Cruz’s contribution to this project consisted of advocating for free markets.

There is no doubt what Ted Cruz thinks of the CFR and I’m betting that Heidi Cruz’s current views aren’t much different.

Name me one other serving Senator, with the exception of Alabama’s heroic Jeff Sessions, who has done as much to protect US sovereignty as Ted Cruz.

For more thorough debunking of Ted Cruz globalism myths go here and here.


Author: Trevor

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28 thoughts on “‘Ted Cruz is a Globalist!!!’ – yeah and I’m the tooth fairy

  1. You and I share a friend so I’m a bit surprised you do not see why Cruz is not the best choice. That loan from Goldman Sachs made him vulnerable. He either has to listen to Goldman Sachs or the donors that pay back that loan. His way of asserting himself will not win a general election. Trump is the only person who can keep America from crumbling. At least buy time.

  2. I do not like Trump for all of the reasons that most true conservatives have doubts about him. However, I am also concerned that Cruz, who is supposed to be such a strong constitutionalist, is not abiding by its laws which state that a US president must be a natural born citizen. We have all questioned the authenticity of the current president’s citizenship, but that does not make it ok for another presidential candidate to slip through the cracks on this important requirement. Cruz not being a natural born citizen bothers me in that we are, once again, allowing our Constitution’s laws to be dismissed because Cruz appears to be the only candidate that fits the bill for the upcoming election. How can we trust that Cruz will be true to anything he says if he’s willing to circumvent the Constitution like the present usurper?? I am not convinced about him especially since his wife’s former membership with the CFR. Yes — this was addressed, and supposedly she’s no longer a member, and supposedly she may have joined for reasons other than being affiliated with their agenda, but it just seems very suspect to me.
    Here is a link from an attorney and Constitutional scholar regarding the natural born citizenship issue: https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/…/natural-born-citizen-status-is-inh…

  3. Mr. Tooth Fairy, don’t think I’ve forgotten you failed to pay me for not one but TWO lost teeth all those decades ago. Still waiting….

  4. If people believe that associating with the CFR in any capacity is eeeevil, then I would hope you also would reject Donald Trump. (and Marco Rubio, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Gov. John Kasich and Jeb Bush who all “made appearances at the Council on Foreign Relations”…)

    “Donald J. Trump, who again declined on Thursday morning to say whom he talks to about foreign affairs, held a private briefing last summer with Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, a spokeswoman for Mr. Haass said Thursday.

    The spokeswoman, Iva Zoric, released a statement after Mr. Trump made a laudatory statement about Mr. Haass in an appearance Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    “I respect Richard Haass, who’s on your show a lot,” Mr. Trump said. “And I like him a lot. I have a few people that I really like and respect.’

    Mr. Haass, as president of an independent nonpartisan organization, cannot make an endorsement in the presidential race, Ms. Zoric’s statement said. She said that he had offered to hold briefings with all candidates from both parties, and that so far Senator Marco Rubio, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Jeb Bush had made appearances at the Council on Foreign Relations.”

    Hmmm… who is missing from the CFR visitation list? Ted Cruz.


    1. He doesn’t need to visit as Heidi is on the CFR. And she did help write the paper extolling the virtues of an American Union I read it. Her rebuttal was a short paragraph about still desiring capitalism mostly in this New American Union. Ted would be the perfect New world order Pres. Born in Canada, to a Cuban father and an American Mother.

      1. Annie Oakley Heidi Cruz WAS on the CFR for one year. I read the document with her dissent too. Please reread it. She emphasizes private investment over government. PLEASE everyone! If you love our country, then be careful about what you post and that it is the truth.

      2. Annie – We live in the age of Post-Modernism. Absolutes are taught and believed to be relative rather than a first principle truth. An example is the church. Neo-Orthodoxy destroyed the classical definitions of faith to open the door for heretics to be accepted. The church has become a fast-food joint (your way, right away). But the reality is that God is Absolute and so is His Word. If you are not obedient to Him at His Word, then you’ll fall for the wiles of the Devil. Now let’s supply this principle to the Presidential election. Just as Barak Obama could be molded into anything the voter wanted in a candidate, so also is Donald Trump. If you apply the same principles to all of the candidates as you do Ted Cruz, then there is no one you can vote for. Honesty and Truth are absolutes, but in this age, people feel free to judge for themselves what is truth and make it what they want it to be. This is how they can throw mud at Cruz and worship the Celebrity Trump and let him off the hook. One of the appeals to Trump is that he is a rebel. I have a parent that is a flower child of the Sixties and Seventies. Rebellion was the heart of the “hippy” movement. That is why Trump appeals to them. Now let’s look at another example of a “Rebel.” The Lord Jesus Christ was a Rebel in the eyes of those in authority in His day. But the rebellion was not on the Lord’s part. Christ was every obedient to the Father and lived an impeccable life before Him. The rebellion was in the political and religious authorities of the day. The Christian that is truly obedient to the Word and the Lord, is hated by the world, but the world will love Its own. By any biblical sense, Trump is not a Christian, but alas in this Post-Modern world, those that take the name of Christ, but deny the power of Him, will bend their “absolutes” to justify their support of him. Whatever you see as honesty is not honesty unless it is in full agreement to God and His Word. Thank you.

  5. The why has the fine Senator Sessions backed Trump?..Not Cuz but Trump….Could it be his support of the TPP and TPA..and why has Senator Sessions media aid Stephen Miller joined the Trump campaign? And repudiated any support of Cruz on Breitbart radio ?

    1. Cruz is for free trade. Trump wants protectionism. Trump lines up with Session’s trade views.

      Do you have actual evidence to suggest that Ted is a globalist? I don’t see any being offered.

        1. That’s because whatever that website is or was, is utter GARBAGE and crap. If you believe Ted or Heidi are Globalist, then you are drinking way too much of the koolaid and the stinking liberal LIES! Grow up, he’s not a globalist nor is Heidi!

    2. For those who support the “outsider” CRUZ…NEWSFLASH!!
      NEIL BUSH…of the Silverado Banking Scandal and Bush family establishment…has joined the Ted CRUZ Finance Team….That does not scream “outsider”

        1. This a reply to Trevor not the commentor. Constant attacks on Ted Cruz from esp Trump supporters. All day long every web site I am on. Not that this person’s comment has anything to say about Trump so I am not focusing that comment on the commentor to which you are responding. Just my overall observation today. Any way, the point of Cruz getting with the Bush enclave. Ted fought the Bush clan all way the way to the Supreme Court and won. They have had a vendetta out on him since. Cruz is astute to know, he must garner coalescence if he is going to continue his momentum. I think Ted is doing something really intriguing here which has an element of risk. All this hurl vomitting over Cruz all over the internet for everything that is happening is certainly an interesting phenom. I think Trump has escalated divisiveness in modelling a bellicose and beligerant stance. What I want to observe is how all these overtly antagonistic people who support Trump handle his decline. Trump has polling problems on head-to-head contests with Hill and high negativity ratings in polls sampling that. Tell his supporters that and the smears, attacks, name calling, put downs begin. You can’t get to those people on fact, comparison, history. Tell them Trump has a high interest $16mil loan from Soros and they don’t care. Them them Trump has spent Christmas holidays with both the Soros and Clinton families – they don’t care and tell you that you are afraid of Trump. Trump has some kind of visceral lock on his supporters. Any way, I will vote for Trump if it comes down to him with the nom as I want to save my country from 4-8 years of Hill.

    1. Wow! I have been off of FB for well over a year. I get back on a few days ago for a non-political reason and OMG. Such vitriol! I am getting hit with a lot of really nasty remarks and personal insults for posting facts about Trump. He got a $16mil igh interest loan from Soros and Soros says they have spent Christmas holidays together. Trump himself admits to being close friends with the Clintons and evens spending Christmas holidays with them. Trump talks about how he will get the banks under control but he has loans to almost every major bank in Manhattan who some say “own him”. Post that and the smears begin. And, I posted this – this got me labelled a hater and stupid – after which he refused to answer a question by another poster stating he would not explain his claim about Cruz because he refuses to get negative – while he is over elsewhere in the same post insulting a 3rd poster – here is what I wrote: If elected Trump is probably going to surround himself with his family membemrs in covert and over positions of power and when he were to leave office, he’d have made tons of highly lucrative deals along the way while supposedly serving “We the People” that would enormously profit himself, his family, and his businesses. Now, I don’t even post that, in response to all the people posting what a fabulous family he has, he has never been faithful to any of his wives. They don’t seem to have a problem with his current wife crawling around nude on a fur Playboy style and think she’d be a classey First Lady. I’m telliing I see all these posts about how hateful the Cruz supporters are being. yet I never find these posts on my wall at all – I have about 4500 friends on FB but that is changing because now when I see people insulting somebody or posting generally insulting stuff about Cruz supporters, they are starting to come off now. Since I got on FB again last weekend, I was seeing a lot of posts by cry baby Trump people whining that some long time FB friend defriended them purely for being for Trump. I think I am pretty objective and I don’t see it myself. I see the Trump supporting just behaving horribly. Now I am repeatedly seeing Cruz supporters being called Tedtards and Cruztards. Never saw this among my conservative FB friends ever before. I won’t surprised if we don’t see violence somewhere between Cruz and Trump supporters and I convinced if this happens, it will be started by a Trump supporter. Very disconcerting. Just what the Dems want to see. I think there is a derangement growing among Trump supporters. Now let me end this comment with what I always post – I WILL vote for Trump if it comes to that. But they STILL throw a skillet at my head. Something’s very wrong here. I saw a post that really describes what I am seeing: A lot of people here on FB talk of grace. But they don’t know grace themselves.

      1. I would not put is past the evil cabal that is power to have covered all of their bases. They have taken power after a long march to the thrown. I do not expect getting our country back will be easy. Trevor’s work is stellar. No personal attacks are directed at him. I suggest we all be on alert regarding all candidates.

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