West is THE Best!

Florida Republican Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West speaking at the American Freedom tour in Fort Lauderdale Florida at the Revolution Nightclub.

I s-o-o-o-o hope this guy gets elected in 2010. He clearly understands that his country is at stake.


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15 thoughts on “West is THE Best!

  1. Lt. Colonel Allen West is an amazing man. I live in his district FL-22 and have been volunteering for his campaign and voted for him in 2008. At a recent volunteer opportunity – I've never found it so easy to "sell" a candidate. He's eloquent, passionate and compelling. We are actually blessed here in South Florida to have two amazing candidates running for office. Allen West for U.S. House of Rep FL-22 and Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate. Rubio is also a very eloquent and compelling conservative who I believe will take down Charlie Crist in the Republican Primary for the Senate Seat. Many believe that Crist will withdraw his Senate campaign in January. I strongly believe these two men would make an amazing Pres/VP ticket soon. They both remind me more of Reagan than anyone since that greatest President of the 20th Century. I have posed the idea to friends at the Heritage Foundation that we need to move these two great Americans along.

  2. this guy gets the seriousness of the issue.
    The ninth and tenth amendment do not enforce themselves. The us government has run roughshod over them and have ignored all pleas to constrain themselves to the constitution.

  3. Black conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to run in 2010, and I couldn't be happier. The libtards constantly playing the race card is old.

    Les Phillip in Alabama. Endorsed by Huckabee. He's not giving a speech in front of a live audience so he's not as "firey" as Allen West, but believe me, he says all the right things that will make a conservative happy to vote for him in this Youtube vid:

    Michael Williams is running for Kay Bailey Hutchinson's senate seat she is giving up to run for governor of Texas. He ran the railroad commission and has a solid track record of cutting waste in the budget he oversees. Endorsed by Jim DeMint, a true outstanding conservative and Newt Gingrich (while a RINO, seems to be embracing conservatism again).

    They all need to be vetted further, but their rhetoric so far suggests they are committed to conservative principles and can win in the districts/states in which they're running. If there are no skeletons in the closet that come out during the campaigns, I am excited by all their candidacies.

  4. Unlike our disingenuous, weak, left-of-left, teleprompter novelty of a president, Lt. Col West is the real deal!
    Charge!!!!!! Awe-inspiring.
    Fellow Republicans, Libertarians and Conservatives wake-up!
    Here is the real American leader we've been waiting for. We don't need to settle for moderates, Rinos or pastel-weak canidates.
    Get behind him.

  5. Americans needs to take this country back from the the grip of communist tyranny, and it's war leaders like Lt Col West who have lead soldiers into battle that can lead this country into its badly needed revolution to overthrow Obamas totalitarian regime.

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