China Moves on East Timor

Last year I posted on the growing Cuban influence in East Timor. China too, was showing strong interest.

Later, trouble erupted and Australian and NZ troops were sent in to restore order.

I then posted on the irresponsibility of sending our troops to prop up the Marxist Fretilin government and exposed the socialist backgrounds of East Timor’s two rivals for power, Mari Alkatiri and Xanana Gusmao.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Just like Fiji, East Timor is about to become the plaything of China and its allies.

From The Age Hat Tip Phil and Luke Howison’s Pacific Empire

As the fledgling Government in Dili has struggled to recover from violent upheaval last year, which left dozens dead and almost 3000 buildings destroyed, China has pushed ahead with Dili’s biggest-ever construction projects.

Dili-based diplomats are watching curiously how the country with the world’s biggest population is spending many millions of dollars to establish an economic, diplomatic and strategic foothold in one of the smallest nations on Australia’s doorstep.

They say China is looking to East Timor for a source of raw materials and energy supplies and wants to develop close ties with Dili as part of a strategy to expand Beijing’s influence in South-East Asia.

Diplomats say China is also keen to use close ties with Dili to limit Taiwan’s ambitions in the region.

As well as the Foreign Ministry, China plans to build a new presidential palace and its own embassy, all overseen by Chinese engineers and built by Chinese and Timorese workers.

China has wooed East Timor’s leaders with all-expenses-paid trips to China, established tentative relations with East Timor’s army, including donating equipment such as tents and uniforms, and has paid for at least six army officers to be trained in China.

Dr.Angela Freitas/Former Presidential Candidate/Leader of Trabalhista (Labor) Party also made this interesting comment on Pacific Empire

International community have to know who is the master mind of this crisis is it President, or Prime Minister. Why have to hunt the innocent people who where trying to put justice into place. The report of International investigation for crimes,has been released a few months ago,until today the Marxist Fretelin Government did not follow this up seriously,because the more confusion they created, the more time they have to control the situation from the crimes they are committing. Especially if those in power today are given another five more years to continue to rape my country.

Another grave concern I have is the number of workers from North Korea, Cuba and Mozambique that have been freely allowed to come to my country. I foresee East Timor becoming a breeding ground for terrorism,posing a direct threat to the countries of Asia-Pacific Region.

Does the South Pacific really need Chinese/Russian/North Korean outposts in East Timor and Fiji?

Unless Australia and New Zealand act decisively, we are going to have two major security problems in our neighbourhood.


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4 thoughts on “China Moves on East Timor

  1. So china is moving into the pacific….Hmmm let me think about this for a moment..The USA is all over the pacific, pushing for more and more bases so as to controll their interests. Interests that are mainly econimical we are told. Surely with the military bases it is more for global rule than economy but one comes with the other anyway. China is chewing up resources quicker than a rat up a rafter, so they need to reach out and spread their influences as well.
    East Timor, oil,gas, gold,copper..check.
    Solomon Islands, gold, copper, check.
    Common attribute outside of resources..INSTABILITY of Government and peoples.
    Once they get access to these resources what is the point of terror?
    New Zealand and Australia have both sold themselves out of resource commodities to the point of absolute foolishness.
    Why is it that we have given up the bass oil reserves? why is Australia selling gas to china at .3 cent /cubic meter? why do we sell uranium off and then say that nuclear power is too expensive for us? We pay 60 + cents/ ltr for gas and $1. + for petrol and deisel, while we give it all away. yet you people worry about the pacific and china.Australia gave up the Northwest shelf, an area covered by our continental shelf, with untold resources, Where is the outcry? Under our constituion that is classed as an act of treason yet no one is held accountable. No One CARED.
    These little island nations are poor as it is and we send in envoys with a smile only a shark knows and then go about ripping these resources from them with little care of their well being.
    Maybe, just Maybe China may broker a better deal than we. Then in the end the governing bodies in these little countries will do the same thing they have been doing for years.RIP OF THE PROFITS and let the people suffer in abject poverty again/still.
    With the massive mineral deposits in the solomons the people should be living in much better conditions and the same can be said for EAST TIMOR, a place of continual infighting and struggles.
    Same with New Zealand and Australia, with the reserves we HAD under our control, we too should be ALL well off. However we choose to give it up to the USA and Britain. Now China is going to have its go..wait for India, her turn is coming next, as a new nuclear power, do we panic then as well? Or are you going mental because this is CHINA, the communist state?
    Personally, I think the bigger picture is a bigger concern..What happens when there is near to no reserves to try to get a hold of? The Pacific Islands are a miners dream and have so far been controlled by the Brits/Aus/Americans, However times and politics change, as you are now seeing.NUI GINI is going down this track already, Fiji has been for years and E.Timor has no idea, so is up for grabs to the highest bidder.
    Or do you think this is for military placement only? for the great chinese world takeover..Perhaps you have your own agenda for the way you post the anti-usa theme? Me personally, i dont give a flick as to who is where, we all gotta die mate and if its defending this country on our own shores then so be it.

  2. Well…have a good relation with China is better then a relation with a buliest that encapsulat its action with moral!

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