Spirit of America 1

What I love most about America is the widespread understanding of the tremendous gift of the US Constitution.

The Constitution’s framers understood that the American people’s freedom depended on their ability to defend themselves from criminals-domestic, foreign and at times governmental.

That is why many Americans are so fervent in their defence of the Second Amendment to the Constitution-the right to keep and bear arms.

Below is the most compelling defence of the Second Amendment you are ever likely to see.

Watch this LADY educates U.S. Senators On The Second Amendment-her last statement is the most important.

Watch them sqirm as Texas State rep Susanna Gratia-Hupp tells of her horrific experience and the lessons she has learned.


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1 thought on “Spirit of America 1

  1. BRAVO to this! They are going after gun rights again and with three recent USA shootings I can already see this is going to get very political. This is the next big fight for conservatives. I loved seeing Charles Schumer fake interest. There MUST be a change in congress as each of these jokers come up for reelection…..

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