Iranian General Captured by Palestinians

From Israel National News

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The Iranian general captured by Palestinian Authority security forces in a raid Thursday was in charge of Hamas’ weapons and explosive production program, an Arab source told Ynet news service.

The source said the Iranian general was in charge of several chemistry laboratories in the university, where he supervised Hamas students employed in the production of explosives. At least 20 female students were arrested in the raid, according to the source.

The Iranian general was also involved in developing shells and rockets. He is currently being interrogated by Fatah men and it is not clear what his fate will be. There has been no official confirmation of the raid from Fatah, Hamas or the PA.


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1 thought on “Iranian General Captured by Palestinians

  1. Iran backing Hamas, no duh. But I am still quite skeptical of the PLO becoming anti-terror with this move. I mean both the PLO and Hamas have open chapters in Russia.

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