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The other thing I love about the US is the way American patriots wear their heart on their sleeve.

Jim Pera is a retired San Francisco police officer. I met him in Washington DC, where he addressed Cliff Kincaid’s press conference on the Weather Underground.

Jim is a passionate American patriot and a loyal member of the police fraternity.

Jim wrote this group email a day or two ago after four policemen were gunned down in Oakland California.

It is written from the heart.

To my fellow Cops, Active and Retired and all the rest of my friends,

Yesterday, I was driving east on Interstate 80, heading for Sacramento. I was listening to the Michael Savage Show. It was a little past 3:00 PM and the funeral for the four slain Oakland Police Officer’s had just ended.

Michael was dedicating his entire show to the tragic loss of these four officers and as usual was not mixing words about the bum who shot them and the decaying cultural and social situation, fueled by hypocritical and corrupt politicians, some of whom spoke at the funeral, which contributed to their deaths.

He announced a fund, set up for the families of the slain officers and prompty pledged an additional $10,000 to the $10,000 that he had already contributed and told his listeners that they could find the information, on where to send donations, on his website.

Then he asked everyone out on Americas highways to turn on their headlights. A few minutes after he made this request, I was aware that on this sunny day, that there were and inordinate number of cars with their lights on. They were in back of me, alongside of me, as well as coming from the other direction. This continued as I left Interstate 80 and began driving south on Interstate 5. By this time, I to, had my lights on.

As I listened to his show, I heard a caller from the Las Vegas area, stating that this show of support, for the fallen police officers and their families was also occuring in her area. Because the Savage Nation is heard all over the country, I imagined that many lights were on, at the same time, in many of the lower forty eight.

At about that time, something occured to me. If there are that many people out there, who think like we do, i.e., those of us who pay the freight and provide all the support, for the infrastructure of these United States, then there is still hope for this country, despite the dominance, at this particular moment, in our history, when the left and all those who are trying to destroy our Republic, are in power.

It’s time for all of those people, who had their headlights on, yesterday, to start making noise. We should all be rocking the boat, yelling at the politicians and shouting down the ignorant idiots, such as those degenerates, who marched in Oakland the other day, while celebrating the deaths of the Officers, who gave their lives protecting the citizens of Oakland.

The communists, socialists, radicals and those who continue to suck the blood out of the American Eagle, while living on welfare for decades,demanding more handouts, from the rest of us, have been doing all of the talking. They are parasites and will continue to drain the life out of our nation, if we let them. It’s now time for us to stand up for our country, while we still have a country to stand up for.

When they tell us that we are politically incorrect or that we are right wing whackos because we don’t buy into their idea of a utopian nanny state or that we are bigots, we need to be politically incorrect.That means that we need to tell them to go to hell.

Vote the bums, who are destroying our economy and the values that we all hold close to our hearts, out of office. Yes, give the government an enema and elect new people that want to serve us instead of being served. Flush out the halls of congress and the senate and send the robber barons home, to steal no more.

Find a statesman and a patriot to run for President, next time around, if we’re still around to have a next time.

Like I said, all those people with the headlights on, who constitute the silent majority, have got to start raising hell and making their presence known. It’s time to shut down the malcontents, parasites, corrupt politicians and the leftist who want to take your hard earned assets and share them with the bums of the country.

The left will call us nuts but then that’s part of their strategy and it has worked well for them for decades. Most people get gun shy about having that tag assigned to them. As for me, call me anything you want. I say it’s time to push back.

Rest in Peace Officers. Thanks for you service to your community.

Now, lets turn on our headlights and run over those, who are trying to highjack our country.

Amen to that.


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