Palestinians Back Kim Il Jong

From Korean News

Pyongyang, March 15 A message to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the seventh congress of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front held in Damascus of Syria on Feb. 21.

The message said that the Arab people and patriotic and progressive organizations of Palestine are proud to note that Kim Jong Il has wisely led a courageous struggle to smash the imperialist policy for world supremacy and wish him success in the struggle.

All the forces in the world struggling for liberation are turning out in the struggle for social and national liberation, pinning great hope on his vanguard role and drawing energy and courage from it, the message added.

It stressed that the organization would join Kim Jong Il in the struggle to achieve the common goal.


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3 thoughts on “Palestinians Back Kim Il Jong

  1. It’s also quite scary that America is prepared to hand over 25 million bucks which I blame the Fabian Socialist/pro-Communist Council on Foreign Relations for doing such an act.

  2. No major surprise there. Kim Jong-Il and under the dictatorship of his father-Kim Il-Sung trained many of the PLO affiliated groups such as the Japanese Red Army to implement terrorist attacks against the Israelis in the PLO name.

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