Police Arrest ACT Conference Speaker

The police have arrested a Penny Bright, scheduled to speak at ACT’s annual conference in Auckland this weekend.

A veteran activist, Ms Bright, was due to address ACT’s conference on freedom of speech on Saturday afternoon.

From the NZ Herald

Penny Bright arrested after she refusing to leave the debating chamber when the Auckland City Council went into closed session last night.

Will Ms Bright be released in time? Will ACT party members have to pass the bucket to bail her out? Will free market ACT members have to spring a socialist, arrested for opposing the partial sale of Auckland Airport to foreign interests, so that she may lecture them on free speech?

The ironies abound.


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4 thoughts on “Police Arrest ACT Conference Speaker

  1. ACT seems to have lost its edge.

    If it really wanted to pack the punters in it would have invited Val Morse to do her most spectacular protest demonstration.

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