World Net Daily Picks Up Another New Zeal Post

Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief of prominent US news site World Net Daily has picked up on another New Zeal post.

His article 4 Weathermen terrorists declare support for Obama draws from this recent post.

Aaron Klein’s article looks at the links between several former members of the terrorist Weather Undeground and Progressives for Obama.

Already Klein’s article is whizzing around the US blogosphere.

The excellent The Real Barack Obama has also re-published my post.

The Yanks saved our bacon 50 years ago. It feels good to start returning the favour.


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4 thoughts on “World Net Daily Picks Up Another New Zeal Post

  1. Good on ya Trevor. I have a lot of respect for WND.

    Shook hands with Keith Locke at a political debate down at Uni yesterday mate. In question time I hit him with the question “do you think it is fair that parents who want to send their children to private schools effectively have to pay twice?” Just as with the Labour MP, Keith dodged the question and his line was “it’s the parent’s choice”…


  2. I’m a conservative from Melbourne and I’m at your excellent website (which I’m still reading through) courtesy of the US radio commentator Mark Levin
    who mentioned your website for the same reasons (2/10). Got to love that Mark Levine : )

  3. Hi trevor, it was in mentioning the World Net Daily article. It’s toward the end of the 2/10 broadcast which can be dowloaded at his site. He’s v.good value : )

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