Mexican Anarchists Support Maori Seperatists

Mexican and US anarchists want to tear down the US/Mexican border. For some reason they also support New Zealand’s Maori seperatists.

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Today approximately 200 people, including activists, migrants, workers, indigenous Cucapá people from Baja California, students, people from Mexicali, all over México and the world converged in Mexicali-Calexico’s centres to create the first ever Bi-national No Borders Camp.

The No Borders Camp is an autonomous space created by people who are fighting for a world where no one is illegal, and part of a global movement that is growing stronger day by day. This camp is a space to share cultural and political work and experiences, without divisons of color, class, gender or nationality, an experiment in living in a way that is not determined by the state or by capitalist relations.

The structure of the camp is horizontal. It is self-organized by those participating in the camp, without leaders, rulers or protagonists. It is an opportunity to direct our anger and analysis at these walls that divide people, these walls that are closed for some while open for others, these borders where only capital can travel freely.

Mexicali and Calexico are not sister cites, they are one city divided by a hyper-militarized line, where each year hundreds of migrants die trying to reach the other side and the so-called “american dream”. The borders are a method of segregation.

These walls are the product of imperialism and invasion, products of those in power’s desire to dominate and oppress. The border represents the separation of families and the imposition of racism, frustration, xenophobia, and death. The borders are opened for capitalism, and it is capitalism that is responsible for the world’s poverty and also forces so many people to migrate in order to achieve a so-called decent standard of living.

Seeing and living so much discrimination and injustice, we feel the need to show our contempt for all borders, what they represent and their consequences. Not only in México but also in many other parts of the world many people are dying, many people are divided and many people segregated by these walls that only exist to defend the interests of corporations and businesspeople, politicians and presidents.

In solidarity,

No Borders Camp Crew

Wednesday 7 November 2007
Mexicali, Baja California, México.


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