Socialist Kent Wong – Illegal Aliens Will Replace "Old White Men"

The so called “Dream Act” is seen by the America left as a major step towards amnesty for illegal aliens.

That means another step towards permanent Democrat/Marxist control of the U.S.A.

Los Angeles labor academic and activist Kent Wong pumps up the “Dream Act ” to a rally  at MacArthur Park on December  13.

Wong is a close associate of the Democratic Socialists of America Marxists who are leading the “immigration reform” charge.

Wong addressed D.S.A.’s 2005 national conference in Los Angeles alongside current Obama labor secretary Hilda Solis and  ACORN leader Wade Rathke.


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4 thoughts on “Socialist Kent Wong – Illegal Aliens Will Replace "Old White Men"

  1. Again you a__es bring racism into this. I am about the law and what is right. These people are talking a take over, and I for 1 have my gun and ammunition, and I for 1 am willing to go to the mat for what is right and the honor of the soldiers before me. The communist basterds are our political officials, but we are awake and we are about to change that. GO HOME YOU INTRUDERS!!! AMERICA IS MY HOME AND I WILL DEFEND HER!!! I'm not alone speak out fellow Americans if you have had enough!!!

  2. You mean old white men like Biden? And 90% of the Democratic party?
    Hell, yeah!
    We'll replace them with Republicans of all colors and ages, commie boy.
    Go to China and try to rant like that.

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