What the Bugs Revealed

Leaked police transripts from bugging of the “Urewera 17

Please explain these, my lefty friends.

From the Dominion Post

Suspect tells another it would be good to kill Pakeha to get trainees used to killing. Also suggests making their own tracer ammunition and using tungsten projectiles to go through a “cop vest” and through “his f…… mate“.

– Bug in vehicle, recorded April 6, 2007.

Get someone to assassinate the prime minister, the new one, next year’s one. Just been in office five days, bang … Yeah. John Key … just drop a bomb … Just wait till he visits somewhere and just blow them … They won’t even find you.”

– Two suspects in bugged vehicle, August 17, 2007.

“They want to start blowing shit up. You know, they want to blow up power plants, gas plants, Telecom, petrol f…… places and shit like that.”

-Two suspects in bugged vehicle, June 23, 2007.

“You know like the IRA in England … it’s gonna happen here … I’m ready to die, mate. I’m gonna hurt this country, I’ve had a gutsful … I wanna leave this planet making sure that I’ve done a f…… huge amount of harm to this country.”

-Suspect recorded on bugged phone, May 26, 2006.

“It’d have to be a, some sort of f……, sudden f……, because what it’ll do, it’ll come down on the thinking of the people, they’ll think it’s al Qaeda … It’s gotta be sudden and it’s gotta be brutal.”
Other suspect says: “Don’t piss around with cities or doing the bush thing … just go to Parliament.”

-Two suspects in bugged vehicle, August 17, 2007.

I heard you talking about the napalm shit.” Response from unknown man: “I’ll make some and bring some next time round, show everyone how to make it.”

-Conversation in bugged vehicle, September 16, 2007.

No, I’m teaming up with the Maoris, we have to … I’ll come and see ya, I can’t f…… take the white man on without the c…s … I’m declaring war on this country.”

-Bugged cellphone, May 22, 2007.

“Tuhoe wouldn’t have popular support for a bombing campaign in New Zealand.”
Reply: “It would in Tuhoe though … What about if we did a bombing campaign that blew up Waihopai spy base, power dams, gas facilities, TV stations and radios … It’s a strategy that’s gonna be f…… urban warfare. We are training in the wrong place.”
First speaker: “What’s going to be the strategy?”
Reply: “Strategy will divide, will divide Aotearoa … extreme violence and extreme f…… actions too.”

-Two suspects in bugged vehicle, June 23, 2007.

I cut down all of my work, right down. Ah, I’m only focusing to go to war.”

-Bugged suspect, April 26, 2007.

“There’s nothing in this country can stop you once you got it, you can kill anybody you want. They’ll never be able to find you.”

-Suspect talking in bugged vehicle about asking for sniper’s rifle, August 16, 2007.

“Wait till bullets start going through people, that’s f…… horrible … Wait till your mate’s head gets blown off because someone dobbed us in and we get f…… shot at.”

-Suspect in bugged sleeping room, June 23, 2007.

There’s about 10 manuals … There’s the al Qaeda manual and that’s f…… good. That’s right up to date.”
Later another suspect says: “That last exercise was a bit freaky for me, having a gun in my back.”
Response: “High level of secrecy, we needed, you know, we need to test people.”

-Bugged training camp room, June 23, 2007.

Suspect X tells Suspect Y he is tired of playing games. Suspect Y says they need good planning so they don’t die on the first day. Both worry about the enemy within their ranks and talk about needing 20 small squads, such as in Iraq, carrying out their own missions.

-Bugged vehicle, April 4, 2007.


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4 thoughts on “What the Bugs Revealed

  1. IDF:10 Palestinians:1

    That ain’t terror ? Women and babies dying in the backs of taxis waiting at IDF checkpoints, just because some pimply little shit from Portland, Oregon is having larks. Being a prick. And “securing” The Chickenhawk’s “Freedom”…..

    Tame Iti is an artist who’s pissed off about the rape of his people.

    Who…..apart from some alien perspective, know-nothing, brutally inclined, me me me zionist from NY…..could blame him ?

  2. Hey anonymous, do you give a damn that Maori radicals are willing to create an insurgency-style form of terrorism as implemented by the Irish Republican Army, the Palestinian Liberation Organization or by the likes of Hamas? How about the likes of the Tamil Tigers or the Naxalite Maoists raging in India?

    You sir anonymous are quiet frankly uneducated and if you are a New Zealand resident, shame on you for wishing terrorism on your own shores.

  3. Its terrible…the last recorder conversation said that this Maori bandidos were planning to expose, yes , expose a well known Trevor Loundon character as a CHILD MOLESTER.Apparently, there is a file at ChCh CYF.
    He hides behind a political front(ACT) but recruit young men to satisfy his sinister sexual illness…a total plot

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